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Hacking all the way! @Applift Datathon

More than 500 registrations, more than 40 teams, 24 hours and 5 winners!! 12309384_998794860164399_1062800622_n Whoa! Yes, you guessed it right, these metrics are sufficient to let you know what a hit AppLift Datathon was among the enthusiasts from in and around Bangalore. Our Venturesity team started the Check-in at 09:00 hrs and soon there were huge numbers of Big Data lovers swarming into the AppLift office premises. Samsung R&D, Musigma, Flipkart, EY, Accenture, SAP you name it! Hackers from all top notch companies were present at the Hackathon. The event began with an official address by Vaibhav Gupta, CIO (AppLift Innovation Labs, San Francisco) who welcomed the participants and introduced them to the company and their operations all over the globe. He also talked about the newly setup AppLift Innovation Labs at San Francisco.


Vaibhav was closely followed by Rohan Patil, MD AppLift India and Guna Kakulapati, CTO AppLift India. They gave a formal introduction about the Datathon, their expectations, the problem statement and datasets. Guna revealed the Prize money for the winners which amounted to a whopping INR 1,30,000. ads The Hackathon was declared open and people proceeded towards the ice breaker session. Kushagra and I then took it forward with the marshmallow challenge which is a remarkably fun and instructive design exercise. The Refugees were declared the winners of this challenge for their innovative design.

Team Refugees, the winners of the Marshmallow challenge



People were engrossed in working out the huge datasets provided by the AppLift team. Upbeat music throughout the day, food, beverages and snacks kept the hackers charged and working.

Post midnight we went around engaging in interesting conversations with few teams. Baconians, who made a fairly interesting fish bone during the marshmallow challenge were seen in high spirits.“It has been a great experience being here. I have been to other hackathons but this is my first Datathon and I am pretty excited about it”, says Vinita Sharma (Myntra Designs).

Team Baconians in their high spirits

Abhirut(IBM Research), looked in a rather relaxed mode and said,” Oh we don’t really care much about winning. This experience of being here and working with new things matters a lot. This is the first time we are attending a Venturesity Hackathon and we are surely coming back for more of it!” Pizzas, midnight snacks and beverages kept the hackers fueled up for the night. With the break of the dawn, the hackathon progressed towards its final stages.

Participants interacting and sharing their ideas with the CTO, Guna Kakulapati
Participants interacting and sharing their ideas with the CTO, Guna Kakulapati

The teams were asked to submit their solutions by 10 am. The judges(Sarvesh, Guna, and Sunil) started evaluating the teams by 11 am and shortlisted 6 teams for the final demo presentations.


  • Team Moosify- Ankit Agarwal and Vivek
  • Team Refugees-AbhijayAkshay, Sanat and Anubhav
  • Team Data Explorers-Rutviz Oza, Abhishek Anand and Mayank 
  • Team AAA-Thejat, and Neeraj Baji
  • Team Ideal Mix-PreritDakshya, Tanmayee, Pawan, and Amit
  • Team LogX- Muthali, Vijay, Ravi and Govind

It was a really tough decision for the judges and the submissions were of such good standards that they had to declare 5 winners out of 6!

Team Ideal Mix were adjudged as the winners taking home a winning amount of INR 50,000. They worked on building a model which predicts the optimal bid value for the bidder such that the probability of his ad being displayed on the corresponding page and consequently being clicked is maximized.

Team Data Explorers and AAA were declared as the runners up winning INR 30,000 each. The submission by the Team Data Explorer comprised of predictive models for Ad performance metrics and data visualizations. It also included the Dynamic Geographical heat map based on the number of requests changing with the timeline and a dashboard based on a clickable map filter.

Team AAA worked on a given set of creative/ad attributes, tried to find the best ad deployment strategy.

Team Refugees and Moosify were declared as the second runners up grabbing INR 10,000 each. Moosify built a prediction model who predicts the probability of a bid request when it is clicked. 

The Refugees built a 2-tier recommendation engine based on user profiling. It would help in improving the CTR of AppLift by sending personalized ads. They worked on identifying users based on personal insights and filtering of apps based on live twitter sentimental analysis in the second stage.

Winners of the Datathon, Team Ideal Mix.
Winners of the Datathon, Team Ideal Mix.

And hence a great hackathon gave a kickstart to this wintry Hacking season! Wait up, the story has just begun. This year end, Venturesity will keep you, Hacking, all the way!

Our next set of challenges is here already. Look out for the Kookoo Mashup Challenge on our website.
Lastly, I would like to thank the Venturesity team ( Harpreet, Sonu, Pratik, Shalini, Tejaswi) and our clients, the AppLift team(Aiste, Guna, Aparna, Vaibhav and others) for their valuable inputs for the blog and congratulate each one of them for the phenomenal success this hackathon witnessed.

Pratik Saurav
(Venturesity Team)




Where is the name of the moosify admin in the post…?
Archit and Prajit were part of the same team. Request edit from my end.
Any way great event…(Y)

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