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#headout to HEADOUT

It was a sunny, lazy Saturday afternoon outside but with cool, enthusiastic people inside. This was the scenario inside the HEADOUT office where people had head out to participate in a hackathon. It was an afternoon hack, and was nearly 4 when people started showing up. Registrations didn’t end until 5:30 in the evening. Huff!! A herd of nerds it was… 126 participants on course to developing something awesome. All with great ideas streaming in their minds.

Anxious but confident they were… Curious and learned they were… To make the hackathon more of a fun and learning experience in addition to the coding, we began with a simple spaghetti and marshmallow challenge. Folks had to create something related to travel and tour using five spaghetti sticks and a marshmallow. It was not new to many of the participants. So they made extremely elaborate structures.


After the fun intro, it was now the time to declare the hackathon open. The Headout team gave a brief introduction of the company following which we acquainted the participants with the problem statement, submissions and judging procedure. The problem statement was quite simple 😛 . Participants were asked to build a functional mobile application related to travel and tours. The coders kicked off to a great start. We had a lot more participants than expected. That led us to put up tents for them on the rooftop. “sad smiley” Oh really?? turned out to be splendid. People liked the serenity and cold of the crescent moon night. In the midst of all of this were Venturesity team members keeping the spirits up..(good spirits I mean 😉 ) of the participants. Push-ups and songs were the tools to do so.


After continuous coding for few hours, it was now time for dinner. Yay!! Although we had ample refreshments there, we know that the tummy always wants a filler. Right? 😉 After dinner, the coders continued with their coding. By morning, people figured out their ideas along with ways to implement it. People freshened themselves up and had breakfast then.(As the hack wasn’t over yet!). After a long time concentrating and hard work of transferring mental ideas to computer monitors, it was time for lunch (yummy pasta was on the way). But before that, we had goodies with us to distribute. To make it interesting, we played a game of beg, borrow, steal with the participants and gave all participants t-shirts.

photo778935857669318575 Now it was time for the witching hour: code submission! With 76 great submissions in the list, the competition was fierce.

The judging started at almost 8. Judges interacted with the teams. It was miraculous to see how drowsy eyes turned bright, worn out appearances changed to fresh ones and exhausted minds energised.

It was indeed tough to select the winners, but rejections are part of any competition. The judges hence came up with ten teams who had the best and most properly implemented ideas. These teams then presented their ideas, post which the judges announced the results. There were three teams announced as winners:

  • First place: FARTANS won it all by getting the first position. They won an iPhone 6 for their efforts
  • Second place: AFICIONADO won second place. They won an iPad mini.
  • Third place: VEVINTO bagged the third prize. Their UI was just fantastic!


The hack concluded with a song, dance and drinks. It was a pleasure looking at all the happy relaxed faces heading out from the HEADOUT office. We hope that the learning experience continues and We are all UP FOR A CHALLENGE always.

Inspired by this hack? Head on to our web page to look out for more exciting hackathons and online challenges.Tadda for now!!


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