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Here’s how Amruth A. Pillai used his Hacking Skills to help out people in Chennai

We’ve all heard the terrible news that is coming out of Chennai. Whole communities and neighborhoods are in disarray. The floods have taken a huge toll on this great city.

Amidst all this devastation, the best of humanity is on display. Strangers helping strangers. People from all over India, and the international community, lending a helping hand.

Coders too are getting into the act. In our own Venturesity hacking community, we see the enthusiasm and the helping nature of hackers first hand!

Amruth A. Pillai, one of the members of our hacking community, built a website to create a repository of people stranded in Chennai. He took time out from his busy schedule and stayed up all night creating the website. His dedication is an inspiration to us all!

He says that this initiative was only possible due to the $100 AWS coupon he won by taking part in our Need for Code challenge. But that’s not giving himself enough credit. After all, the coupon was merely a catalyst. The agent for change was all him.

But this just goes to show that the $100 AWS coupons won do go a long way. While we may not all be as tech savvy like Amruth, these coupons can be used to make a difference. A real difference.

It also shows that coders have a big heart. Perhaps they cannot be physically active in making a difference. But they do make a difference just by using their keyboard.

Want to make a difference? We are committed to helping out the people in Chennai. For more details on how you can help, contact Saranya at +91-7204318655. She will provide you with further information.




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