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Here’s Why Digital Marketers And Designers Need To Work Together

In this technology-driven world, online products need to be backed by brilliant marketing and design in order to be successful. Digital marketing helps bring in the audience and design can ensure that the audience keeps coming back for more. However, if you notice, in a lot of companies these two departments are at constant loggerheads with each other.

The digital marketing team believes it is their vision and innovations that drive engagement. While the designers believe that it is their appealing creations and the clarity of their design that has brought in the customers. The truth is, that all these elements are equally important. Marketing and design have a big impact on the virality of a product. This means that digital marketers and designers should always look to work hand-in-hand to ensure that products are successful. Here’s what happen when the two teams get onto the same page.

You will build user-friendly products

Both, marketers and designers work towards the same end goal – bringing in users/customers. So, if you want to do this, you need to come up with user-friendly products. If you are building a website, for example, the design needs to capture the attention of the audience while the marketers can ensure that the audience does not have any difficulty in navigating through the site. The ‘call for action’ on the landing page and other subsequent pages should be clear, and the users shouldn’t struggle to understand what they have to do next.

You will reach the right audience

Say a digital marketer wants to target an e-mail campaign at a young audience. In order to do this, the marketer needs to sit down with the designer and create a campaign that appeals to that demographic, right? The colours, themes, and layouts that appeal to a young audience may not appeal to, say, top-level businessmen. So, digital marketers need to clearly communicate to their audience and they need to rope in designers help them achieve this.

You can go viral

As we have mentioned before, harmony between marketing and design can create a viral product. Look closely at the digital world, you will notice that many successful products may be lacking in real substance but they have still hit bull’s eye. Why? It’s because their marketing and design team have worked together to reach out to people and they have created a dazzling, well-designed product that has captured the imagination of the people.

To ensure that your product is well-received you also need to test out the product with the core audience. The responsibility for this lies with the marketers. You can determine what works and what doesn’t. Then, work with the design team to ensure that every aspect of your product works brilliantly.

You will ensure functionality without compromising on design

Functionality and design have to go hand-in-hand. This is key in your mission to build a product that shines. For example, if you are building an app. Design needs to ensure that it looks brilliant. But marketers need to work with the design department to ensure that the design is compatible with a range of devices, that the resolution is perfect in each of these, and that it is compatible with operating systems. You need to deliver a stellar user experience no matter what the device is.

Similarly, for email campaigns, the content needs to be clearly displayed, the layout needs to be clean and the design needs to ensure that it escapes spam filters and actually reach inboxes.


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