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Here’s Every Ama-zing Detail of the Amazon Hack in Pune

July 2 saw engineers in Pune sign up for an Ama-zing day! After all, the global marketplace giant, Amazon, had arrived in the city to hunt for candidates to join their team that’s busy building the next-generation Kindle File Format and Software Development Kit (SDK). One of Amazon’s best selling products (that has also been built by them), the Kindle’s aims to make the ‘Author Once, Read Everywhere’ mantra a reality. And it is this big dream that shortlisted candidates chased at the day-long event at Pune’s The ‘O’ Hotel.

Prior to the event, we had invited applications from engineers who had experience in the likes of Java, Python, C++, C, and Perl. After sifting through the flood of applications, we picked up a few gems. On the big day, 33 candidates from the best colleges and companies, in Pune, lined up to give their dream job their best shot. They were all geared up for a gruelling challenge. And the folks at Amazon did not disappoint them! As the day kicked off, the participants were first presented with a written test. The test was geared at finding out the skill level of the candidates. And also aimed at shedding light on their ability to create end-to-end features, solve technical problems, and deliver great customer experiences.

The test submissions were studied carefully and, then, 11 candidates were shortlisted. It was then time for the next challenge – the technical interview. This was no cakewalk either. The panel of interviewers subjected each of the 11 candidates to complex questions that tested their knowledge and also whether they could think on their feet in high-pressure situations.

From this exciting battle, four emerged triumphant. By this time, the sun had set but the candidates were still raring to go. At around 7 p.m., the final round of interviews took off. Team Amazon had a big task on their hands and they weren’t going to make a spur of the moment decision. So, after a lengthy two hours, Amazon declared the results. Two of the four candidates snapped up jobs. And a third candidate was shortlisted for an additional interview at a later date. The winning candidates not just took home a hot, hot job offers, that would see them move to sunny Chennai,  but also walked away with brand-new Kindles.

We wish the winners the best of luck in realising their dreams and soaring to greater heights at Amazon. And Pune, we will see you soon!


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