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Here’s A Rewind And Replay of the Jumbotail Hackathon

An up and coming startup, Jumbotail is on its way to becoming the next big thing in the online grocery marketplace space that’s targeted at wholesale buyers. They’ve spent the past months busy building the platform and also building a mindblowing team that will help deliver a great product. Turns out, they were on the lookout for more talent to make their team way more awesome than it already is, which is why they decided to host a hackathon in partnership with us.

Fast forward to April 30, the gates of the Jumbotail office opened up for the Venturesity team at 9am. Once we settled down, the candidates started to walk in and after an hour of busy activity at the registration desk, we had 30 participants raring to go. But first, breakfast.

For this hack, we registered a mixed bunch. There were the professionals, who were backed by many years of experience, and then there were the college students from institutions like IIT, NIT, IIIT and other top colleges. Both groups were determined to be declared winners at the end of the hack.

The minute the Jumbotail presentation was wrapped up, the participants were handed the problem statement and were urged to get started since there was a plenty to conquer in 24 hours. Lunch was served a little after one in the afternoon, and a round of refreshments came in through the doors at 5pm.

An hour later, the judges trooped in. Again, there was no time to waste. The room was bursting with ideas and they were on the hunt for the best among them. As the judges weaved their way around, the coders kept at it and busily worked on bringing their vision to their life. The only breathers they took were during dinner and at around 11pm when RedBulls were distributed to keep the energy levels soaring.

The next day, as sunshine came streaming in through the windows, the judges took charge. They sat through every demo in rapt attention and dissected each presentation. After a keen debate among the judges on who should be crowned winner, the clock struck 12. And at that magical hour, Team LoneRangers, comprising of Tapadyuti Chatterjee and Kumar Nitesh, were declared winners. They took home INR 30,000 for their stellar efforts.

While this chapter ended, a new one has already begun. Jumbotail is already preparing for its next hack. You can access all the details and register here.



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