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Here’s What Went Down at the Instavans Hack

The stage was set. The curtains drawn. The first week of March was witness to an epic battle of skills. There was plenty at stake – pride, glory, and of course, prizes worth over a lakh. Yes, the Instavans Hack promised to be a thriller of a challenge. And, boy, did it live up to expectations!

In the beginning

The first to arrive on the scene was the Venturesity team. It was early in the morning and the day held much promise. But by 10 a.m., Harpreet Kaur, our Operations Analyst, was in a state of slight panic. Only 25 people had turned up at the registration desk since it had opened at 9 a.m. But her tension was short-lived (thankfully!). By 11 a.m., 62 had signed up for the 24-hour challenge.

After a brief presentation by the Instavans team, it was time for some fun. The Venturesity team broke the ice with a game of Scrabble, where each participant was given three random letters and they had to team up with other participants to form the longest word they could. It was fun to see a bunch of techies try their best to crack the code of the English language.

On this energetic note, the hack kicked off!

Team up!

Instavans, a platform that allows local shippers to connect with local truckers and looks to reinvent the way the logistics industry operates, had one hell of a hackathon on the cards. There were two challenges. One, for the UI/UX developers who were tasked with improving the user flow of the current Instavans Driver App.

 On the other hand, the full-stack developers were required to create an on-demand platform to match the supply and demand for porters on Instavan’s intra-city logistics platform. They had to build a platform that included an Android version of the porter app, a responsive web app for lodging requests for porters, and also put in place the backend infrastructure to manage the entire platform. Phew!

With the challenge in hand, the 62 participants got to work. From Venturesity, Prateek Sen stood in support of the participants and readily helped them with even the most confounding of questions. Co-founder Subhendu Panigrahi also popped by for a few hours and cheered on the participants.

Of course, no work can happen on an empty stomach. So, Instavans ensured that all tummy rumblings were duly taken care off. After a hearty lunch, there were sandwiches at tea time and pizza for dinner (yum!).

The finish line

The night went by and as a new day dawned, the participants inched towards the finish line. After breakfast, the presentations started at 11 a.m. and 16 teams came forward to show off their creations. After a brilliant round of presentations that made it very hard for the judges to pick who would move to the next round, eight teams were selected. And after yet another round of presentations, The Deliverables (comprising of Atul R, Mahesh Haldar and Soham Kamani) took home the first place that came with a cash prize and a brand new phone. In second spot was Spinaxon (Akshay Kale and  Omkar Patil) and they walked away with a cash prize. And, in the third place was team Phoenix (Aniketh, Rakshak Hegde, and Sahaj) who snapped up a phone.

The hack ended on this happy note.

Until next time, folks!


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