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IBM Hack Camp’s Round 1 Highlights



The last weekend of August saw a mega event unfold. After weeks of reaching out to engineering students from across the country, IBM was all ready and excited to unveil the Hack Camps in eight cities in the country. Aimed exclusively at students, the hack camps presented students with a golden opportunity to sharpen their skills and gain hands-on experience in the areas of Mobility, Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing.


In the run-up to the event, we received an overwhelming response from students from all over India, who expressed their eagerness to learn from a stellar company like IBM. We could tell that their excitement knew no bounds when in many cities, groups of students started lining up for the event on the eve of the event itself!

On the day of the event, teams from IBM and student coordinators, in each city, were greeted by massive crowds at the venue. A whopping 1600 students had gathered at these hack camps in these chosen eight cities. The participation chart was topped by Khargapur where over 600 students had queued up. After Kharagpur came Jaipur with over 500 students and, then, Chennai that saw the participation of 200 students.



Unlike IBM previous programmes where only select colleges were called to participate in internship and mentorship programmes, this time, IBM opened its doors to students from colleges across the board. The event saw representation from colleges from far and wide including NIT Durgapur, PESIT (Bangalore South Campus), The National Institute of Engineering (Mysore), Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, University of Hyderabad, SRM University and many more.


When the students had all settled down at the venues, they were handed out their tasks. The cities that were focusing on Data Analytics were assigned the task of predicting the survival of the Titanic. They were to analyse and determine what sort of people would make it out alive and which of them were doomed. For those who had signed up for a Mobility hack, they were tasked with building a contact manager application.


All the teams go to work in a jiffy. After all, there were only 24 hours to conquer these rather challenging tasks. While they worked hard at it, mentors from IBM and hand-picked colleges went around and helped solve queries. These interactions went a long way in educating the gathered students. It also helped them understand what it means to put the theories that they have been taught in college to practice. It was all about building feasible products and solutions that were relevant to the world out there.

Of course, the hack wasn’t without its share of lighter moments. They were treated to the delicious lunch from famous and iconic restaurants in the city of their choice. And it was ensured that they had a whale of a time!

If this has piqued your interest in the next round of hacks, you can look up the IBM hack camps here and sign up!



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