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Hiring Managers, Here’s How You Can Attract The Best Talent

The hiring season can mean a lot of stress for HR personnel considering how much rides on it. Whether it is an entry level or a managerial position that needs to be filled, finding the right person is crucial since every employee is an important cog in the wheel and can make or break teams. And it’s no longer like the old times where employees would stick with one organisation for the entire course of their careers. Today, an overwhelming percentage of the workforce constantly looks for new challenges and opportunities.

So, companies pretty much have their task cut out for them. They need to appeal to a job seeker’s sensibilities, not just in terms of the kind of work that’s on offer but also the company culture, the employee-friendly policies, and what the future holds for the company and the candidate. Here’s a look at what you need to do to attract the best talent that’s out there.

Company Canvas

It’s a no-brainer – good talent would like to work for good companies. In this day and age, it’s no longer enough to be a big company with a big, flashy name, you also need the backing of big actions. Whether you are a new exciting company or an established brand, you need to show your potential talent pool that you are a stable company that knows what it is doing and is on its way to greater heights of success.

Show Them You Care

Fat paychecks and fancy designations can only do half the job. But it is your employee-friendly policies that will help potential employees decide whether they want to sign on the dotted line or not. Employees are now focussing on the kind of benefits the company offers and for signs that the company genuinely cares about them. So, make sure that not just share the JD but also highlight your policies on holidays, work timings, maternal/paternal leave, travel opportunities, and any other perks that the job brings.

Ask It Right

The interview process is not just an opportunity for potential employees to highlight their skills and achievements but also gives you a chance to paint the right picture. Ensure that your interview processes are professional and well-organised so that the employee gets the feeling that you are on top of things and there is a system to the workplace. Also, respect the candidate’s time. Complicated, unnecessary processes that go on for days will definitely put off the candidate.

Share a Vision

One of the most common questions asked to candidates during interviews is where they would like to see themselves in the next few years. And when you find a candidate that answers that question perfectly and fits the bill for the job you have at hand, make sure you also share where the company sees itself in the next five or ten years. You need to share the goals you have ahead of you and what the future promises so that your candidate is excited and interested in contributing to your vision.


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