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How PPC Search Advertising Can Help Traditional Business?


Internet has empowered businesses and has helped them go global from being just local. While business owners are looking up various ways of advertising on the web, PPC or Pay per Click stands out to be a unique technique of getting traffic to a particular website. Going by Wikipedia’s definition, PPC is “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked”.

PPC search advertising is an easy way to get connected with customers

Today when print media is merging with digital advertising, it is essential that traditional business owners should learn everything about per per click search advertising.

Way back in 2001 Tom Telford, founder of Blue Creek Cabins was looking for a quick way to get connected with people who might be interested in renting his 20 cabins that he and his partner had arranged in and around the mountain regions of Helen, Ga. It was during this time he came across the program called “AdWords” from the then new company Google. Tom found the system quite easy and selected keywords like “Helen GA cabin rentals”. He agreed to a deal of 60 cents to Google every time his ad got searched and clicked. Emails and phone calls flooded in, and he was motivated to invest some more amount in this system. At that time Yahoo and Bing was already following Google’s footsteps. By 2010 Cedat Creek Cabin rentals was formed and Tom was investing around $140,000 every year on pay-per-click advertising method.

PPC can be termed as an extended branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is not only easy way to direct traffic but is cost efficient as well. PPC search advertising opens to a huge number of potential customers because web is where the world is shifting its base!

Advantages of using PPC search advertising

There are several ways in which PPC search advertising is advantageous:


● PPC search ads targets to customer searches that are explicitly based on the products or service you are advertising for. PPC search advertising to some extent helps in converting visitors to customers. In other words,PPC search advertising can be termed as “Targeted Demographic“.
● It takes your budget into consideration. You set limitations to your budget spent on advertising which gives you the scope to have control otherwise.
● In PPC search advertising, you pay only for the clicks you receive. Thus, it’s “economical“.

You can go through your PPC campaigns with Famous WSI results. WSI results helps in not just optimizing your ad, but is also instrumental in securing a budget and determining which platforms to advertise on. It plays an upper hand in kick-starting the keyword research and also sets a fixed schedule for it.

You pay for what you receive

It is a calculated way for advertising. Business owners pay only for the clicks they receive. Nothing extra goes for a waste. However, they must also know that if the right amount is not spent on PPC campaigns it might as well fail. They must take the initiative to understand the pros and cons of this method. PPC excludes the payment for impressions.

When it is said, business owners must shift focus to PPC Search advertising, the main reasons for that can be summed up as:

● PPC gives the scope to pull in quality traffic.
● It is a way by which visitors will end up being customers.
● PPC is action oriented technique whose outcome is “revenue”.

Traditional business owners should learn more about PPC Search advertising

However, at times small businesses spend more than they earn. PPC search advertising, if not regulated carefully, might bleed the traditional business owner. Richard Strokes, author of “Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising” says that the best way to get an edge for traditional business owners is to spend quality time in trying to improve the quality and the relevance of their advertisements. To do so, it is important that traditional business owners learn about PPC search advertising in details. If they are aware of the pros, then it is mandatory for them to know what the cons of this system are.

Google saw a 42% increase in its Pay-per-click system in the second quarter of 2012. Big-budgeted companies like Amazon spent almost $54 million on search advertising in the first quarter of 2012. Pay-per-click search advertising is an easy way to reach out to targeted customers. At present you might be at an early stage of SEM, trying to manage within your restrained budget. However, with small budgets you can do a lot if you know the right tricks and have access to exact keywords. Adwords comes with various tools to support you even when you are worrying about budget at the back of your mind. To get a grip on how PPC online advertising works, learn about SEM and PPC in Venturesity’s online Digital Marketing Course. Our course will guide you so that you find your perfect digital agency or start off a marketing campaign by yourself. For the best learning online, you can go through our meticulously designed Adwords Marketing Course module.



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Nice introduction to PPC. Local businesses that put effort into search advertising can potentially get a great ROI, as long as they pay attention to best practices and track their progress. Nice looking site!

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