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How startups can be a great launchpad for your career?

Are you worried where to begin your career- An MNC or a startup? Which one to pick- a fixed 9-5 job or an enriching learning experience? Will it be startups over a corporate job when you are just about to start with your first job?

A MNC will train you for, say some 3-6 months. Then you will be given a project or maybe go to the bench. Even if you get a project, there is a minimal chance of it being of your choice. On the contrary, a startup will help you grow as it grows itself. Startups act like profile makers- the learning time and implementing time go hand-in-hand. You learn, take up the ownership and get chance to prove yourself.

Your skillset may not match the job description a MNC company puts up. In a startup however, people with an urge to learn and an off-beat skillset is put to use. The value of talent is more in a startup since they have a skeleton team to rely on.

A startup is always a good place to start your career. You emerge to become more responsible, and learn to work smartly. Your time management and ability to deal with every challenge improves each day. The environment of a startup is friendly, innovative and does a lot to give you your own space to work.

Being a fresher, you definitely need to be in a place where you can hone your skills and learn new skill. A MNC requires a specific set of talents for a particular position. On the contrary, in a startup you need to done numerous hats. For example, Evie Philips, founder of CreedsOfLove has been literally a one-woman show- she was the founder, designer, publicist, department of shipping and anything else one can think off. Multi-talented people are assets to a startup. As far as MNC companies go, they already have people for every role, thus your focus can be just one thing. You cannot expect your learning curve moving up after a certain limit. A startup comes with a gamut of knowledge that will help you grow as a professional individual.

That startups offer you liberty in work, helps you take up ownership, and has an environment that is devoid of hierarchy. However, before you decide on a startup or a corporate company, are you sure about what you want to do in your career? No? Are you yet not aware what your long-term career plan will be? Then may be its time you join a startup. In a corporate company you don’t get to wear more than one hat. If you are a manager, you manage things. If you are a designer, you just design! In a startup you get to do multi-tasks. That’s when you know where your strength lies,in which field can you excel in the long-run. With a startup there is no chance of getting “stuck-up in the wrong job forever”.

Increase your confidence, boost skills, and join a startup. It is not the end of the world. These days, MNC’s are acquiring startups. They are roping in people with considerable experiences in Startups because it is evident that an experience in a startup means the candidate comes with a valuable training that can add value to their company.

The reverse is also happening. Experienced MNC people with a salary of 6 figures at times leave their jobs to become a part of startups. The only reason for this is, startups are always indulging themselves in creating something new or doing something challenging to make a change in the world. For instance, John Leung, Blackberry’s Asia Pacific Director for media and sponsorship had joined a local email website startup Dropmysite as the VP of sales for Asia. Not just Blackberry, Dropmysite also had ex-Goglers- Charif El Answari and Vinoj Vijeyakumaar.

In a corporate company, you will find resources very easily. In a startup you need to put in that extra effort to find out resources, interact with people and grow yourself. While easily available resources sounds alluring, for a fresher it is important to take effort and go for a self-learning process. Only then will you come out as a resource a corporate company will also want in their bandwagon!

A startup is the best launchpad for your career. Since you are starting, to opt for better guidance and freedom of hands-on learning is the best thing that can happen to your career. In a debate of startups over a corporate job for a fresher, a startup will always win; ofcourse if you are not looking for a monotonous 9-5 work schedule!


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