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Becoming an Android Developer – Why, What, How?

Why should you become an Android developer? – In our earlier blog we explained on – Why Should you Consider a Career in Android?

What is Android?

Android is one of the fastest growing Linux based mobile operating systems. I personally like it for two reasons — (i) Open Source (ii) Create my own App (with basic coding skills).

[subscribelocker]Android is available in the market with many versions such as:

  • Android Donut
  • Android Eclair
  • Android Froyo
  • Android Gingerbread
  • Android Honeycomb
  • Android Icecream Sandwich
  • Android jellybean
  • Android Key lime pie

User distribution on various android versions

(source: android )

Now have you asked yourself that why you should become an android developer? I can give you my reasons:

1. Here is the data that shows the growing interest of Android users.


2. It provides the platform for you to create exciting apps that reach millions of people everyday.

3. Android is not limited to mobile only but also implemented on various devices like Tab, Notebook, Digital camera, Digital frames and lots more.

4. It provides the platform to mold your ideas in the form of applications and tools.[/subscribelocker]

5. You can share your app on open source platform like Google play store and Amazon app store where millions of user download various apps.

Skillsets to become Android Developer:

If you are considering becoming an android developer below are few basic skillset you require:

  • You must understand the android platform and ecosystem.
  • You must follow the android design guidelines provided by Google.
  • You must fulfill the minimum requirement in terms of machine, software and programming:
  1. Machine requirement: Android development tools run on operating system like LINUX, WINDOWS, MAC OS.
  2. Software requirement: You must be aware of Java development kit(JDK), Android software development kit(SDK) and Google Maps SDK.
  3. Programming requirement: You must be aware of XML and JAVA programming.

Hope this post will help you out in becoming a good android developer.




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I like this post because you share a awesome post, I think if you interested develop android app you must learn java program fast.


You have told here the major skills to become an app developer. we can learn 80% process of app development by following this information. you have described a lot in this little post. It is also an art of providing information.

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