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How to market your android app

The global mobile market is home to more than 500,000+ android apps. The chances of getting an app discovered are slim unless the right strategies are put into effect. Statistics show that mobile advertising is pulling in 9% of the total revenue of the digital market. By 2015, mobile app market will be worth of almost $25 billion. In a scenario where numbers are so promising, it is not surprising that more and more apps are making way into the digital market. The question arises- how to get your app discovered and how to make money out of it, or to put it simply- how to market android apps.

Lets face it. Money matters, and if you are building an app, you are definitely looking forward to launching it in the app market and pull in some revenue out of it. Ofcourse, it looks awesome when your app shows a figure of 100,000 downloads. But how do you make way to that number?

Let there be a buzz!

You cannot ignore the fact that more than 500 apps are getting released every day. Your competition is tough. So, how do you get the spotlight on your app?

  • A thorough research of what your competitors are doing is mandatory. Understand your target audience, pick up all the common features every app in your category possess and do a minute market study.
  • Get your app listed in the organic search within the app store.How? Opt for App Store Optimization (ASO) along with SEO. In this aspect, your description of apps tore stands most crucial.
  • Press release still works wonders. Let your audience know your app is now in the market. Target for weekdays when press releases are read the most. Provide a sneak peak of your app by showcasing few intriguing features only. Mention your download link so that your customers can get access to your app immediately without much ado!

Strategies to stay on the Top

After launching and being the most talked about, the next target is staying put at that top position. It takes a moment’s notice to have a parabolic fall if you are not working on holding your position on top, because there are thousand more apps climbing the same ladder! So how do you secure your position?

  • Social Media is the first key. A campaign with a properly etched out strategy can spread like fire on the social networking portals. Announce your launch on all the networking sites, especially the four biggies- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Focus on cross linking. Even after your launch, stay active on these portals. Engage and communicate with your audience. They are smart enough to let you know what are they looking for. A video tutorial of your app from your end is appreciated a lot. Do all that it takes to bridge the gap between you and your customers.
  • Mobile advertisements takes up the second place. Although it takes up a lot of cost, Gartner has predicted a revenue of $20.6 billion from mobile ads by 2015. When you are launching your app, you can go for mobile advertisements.
  • Your marketing campaign might start off even before you launch your app. Its good to stay in the discussion. After your initial days, if you feel your ratings are falling, you can burst into another new marketing campaign. It is essential to stay in motion.
  • The last is “incentivized download“. It is almost a norm that big companies pay developers to cross promote the apps. Anyway, it is not a very optimal strategy.

When we say marketing an application is becoming tough, its because there’s too much crowd out there. Every single second stands witness to a new application. However, chances are most of them again get lost in the crowd. So, the biggest thing before you start off with all these strategies is- create an app that can solve a problem common man is facing in his everyday routine. You cannot create anything out of the blue and expect it to have users. To know how to build an app and also get an idea what might work in the market, you can join our Android training course. We provide intensive training under expert guidance and also help our students build apps that matter!


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