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How Venturesity is different from MOOCs

While some say online courses are the future, others opine they hold no value. We say, online courses do the trick only if the right model is followed. Venturesity, an online new age university, takes pride to announce its success, yet again. Venturesity started with an aim to connect talents with employers, and it has been doing all it requires to balance the product ecosystem since then. Although edX failed to match the 868 students they picked up from online computer science courses with handful technology companies, including Google, Amazon and SAP, we remain undeterred from our aim.

What our Students and Instructors have got to say

Our Android instructor Anupam Srivastava opines “Venturesity’s courses combine both basics and advanced stuffs. There are many students who spend lakhs of money but stand nowhere when it comes to job. Hence, the money does not count. What matters is the zeal in a student to learn new things, do more experiments, have queries and get them sorted out immediately.” One of our students Yogi, who recently got placed at Scimata said “Anupam Srivastava was my instructor. He is very cool person. He explained the concepts in a very simple manner. This course is perfect for Android beginners”.

Very recently, another student from Venturesity’s android class Jitesh got placed in Turnaround Innovision. Here’s what Jitesh had to say about his experience at Venturesity:

My experience at Venturesity was kind of something new and fresh. I would like to point out few things other than a learning experience. Since courses are conducted by people working in startups we are introduced to startup culture ,because of this I was not at all uncomfortable when I started working at Turnaround Innovision, which is a startup. I value this experience a lot. I would love to be associated with venturesity in future. About connecting talents ,Subhendu who is the co-founder, used to call whenever there was an opportunity,and I thank all of you at Venturesity for doing such a fantastic job”.

When we asked about Jitesh, Anupam told us “Jitesh had the urge to learn new things, to try out new experiments. He would call up at any hours if he had a doubt and got it cleared from me. His keenness to learn helped him a lot, and today it’s because of his own determination he is doing really well in his job”.

From Turnaround Innovision’s founder’s desk

We got in touch with its founder Sreepriya Koppula for some insight as to what she, as an entrepreneur, looks for while hiring a new talent. We are more than excited to share the gist of the conversation with her, right here:

When we hire, we look for talents who have the right attitude and an urge to learn and do something. Startup vacancies are increasing each day, and to sustain in a startup culture, its essential that you have the urge to learn. The scope for learning is high in startups. Venturesity courses provide hands-on training making the students absolutely ready to start working from Day 1, without any more formal training. The model that is followed at Venturesity is also very fruitful. The one-to-one interaction with the experts makes the students experience a comfortable learning, and the project works that they do motivates them to do something new, something creative. If someone doesn’t have an urge to do something new, it becomes difficult to deal with such a person in the startup ecosystem. Venturesity looks to providing the right attitude as well as knowledge that we as entrepreneurs are searching for in candidates.”

It’s not MOOC, but ILOC at Venturesity

The NY times had entitled 2012 to be the year of the MOOC (Massive open online courses) when an online free course on Artificial Intelligence pulled in almost 160,000 students. That was the year of VC-backed Udacity and Coursera, and non-profit edX which was a collaborative initiative by MIT and Harvard. However, by the end of 2013, edX hit the headlines with its announcement of quitting direct job placements to students.

At venturesity, it’s not MOOC but ILOC- Instructor Led Online Courses. These are virtual classes where instructors train students in real-time. No recorded version is played for students. Rather, our instructors come live over the web to train and prepare students in related subject matters.

At Venturesity, our students get to learn subject matters from experts across the globe. They have an interactive learning, with a lot of discussion and project work. Learning at Venturesity is fun and motivating as well. It takes immense pleasure on our part to see our students staying connected to our experts long after they are done with the course module. Students get a chance to be a part of various awesome meetups that happen here, like big data hackathon,inside sales meetups,big data for enterprises. Apart from these, the upcoming meetups includes meetups on Javascript and Maths for Geeks.

ILOC model is definitely winning over MOOC

Statistics have shown that free online courses have attracted a huge bulk of registration but ultimately not more than 4% have completed the course. On the other hand, December 2013 reports show only 10% completed their course with Udacity. Money does play an important factor to bring back students to attend lectures, but what actually matters is how are the classes being taken. What is making a difference is that none of the other portals like Udemy, Coursera, edX and others have instructors conducting live classes and interacting with students real-time.

Venturesity is rising up steadily beating down questions like are MOOCs here to stay? Will MOOCs fail? and so many more! This is because Venturesity does not fall in that category of MOOC. We have a different model of teaching, and we are humbly happy that it’s working with our students. It feels good to be a steady contributor in building talents and connecting them.At Venturesity, we are sincerely working to bridge the gap between talents and jobs so that balance in the product ecosystem remains intact.


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