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I just Found and Caught a Pikachu – Find your’s now!

The chubby cheeked, cute little electric mouse or Pikachu has been our favorite since childhood. Whenever we hear the word Pokémon, he is the first character that brushes past our mind. Pikachu has been like an ambassador for Pokémon ever since the whole concept was created. You could never imagine that a cute shiny, yellow rodent would have so many powers with it. Pikachu levels up from Pichu when the master’s friendship quotient is high. When exposed to a thunderstone, it further evolves to Raichu.




Ever since Pokémon Go took the world by storm, Pikachu has been one of the most sought after Pokémon globally. I am going to tell you a few hacks on how you can get Pikachu as your first Pokémon. No need to run behind the bushes and search at chai-sutta junctions and on streets. Just follow this simple hack and say Pika Pika!





Need a new Pokémon trainer club account or a Google Play account.

If you are ready to start over again for your favorite Pokémon then here’s your hack.

  • As soon as you download the game and start you will be given a choice of three basic Pokémon, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur by Prof. Willow.
  • Step 2 is to ignore them. Like royally ignore them and walk away!
  • They will follow you with all their heart wherever you go in search of Pokémon, but remember the magical word: IGNORE.
  • Play this game of ignoring the poor Pokémon for at least 3-4 times and before you know it, a Pikachu will pop up in front of you. Throw the Pokéball and catch it asap.



Tadaa! Here’s your Pikachu!

But what if you do not wish to start all over again and find Pikachu and other top Pokémon? PokéWell, there are definitely few things which you can follow for that too.

Let us know in the comments below if it worked for you or if you have an easier way to catch our most favorite Pokémon.

Celebrating the Pokémon season at Venturesity we are excited to organize our own 24 hours Pokéhack,  to combine your love for coding and your determination to catch ’em all. Come be a part of this super-fun event in August!


Level up your trainer skills

One of the main reasons why you keep getting low-level Pokémon is because you are a basic trainer. The quality of Pokémon which you find is directly proportional to your trainer levels. So level up your skills and find good Pokémon like Pikachu!



The chances of finding Pokémon seem to be random. But they are not! You are more likely to find water Pokémon near waterbodies. And land Pokémon like Pikachu near a grassy area, parks, and open lands.

So, if you follow all these tips, you can defeat your opponents and become the Pikachu, oh I mean, Pokémon master!!

Gotta hack them all!



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lets try to catch Pikachu. thanks for the trick. will explore the thing and get pack to you.

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