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iBeaconistas, head out to Beacathon!

Beacons have been creating a buzz since their launch in 2013. The year 2016 began with BI announcing that beacons would be driving a whopping $44 billion in retail sales! Talking gadgets is just what the human race required to make their lives easier. And with technologies like BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), this isn’t battery leeching anymore. With rapid advancements in technology, we are moving towards a truly intelligent Ironman ecosystem!

If only there was a hackathon for beacons…say a Beacathon…?


So here’s a flash start guidebook to iBeacon technology!


iBeacon for dummies


iBeacon allows your iOS device to alert apps when you approach or leave a location. Additionally, an app knows when you’re close to an iBeacon, like a checkout counter in a retail store. No latitudes or longitudes required, iBeacon uses a Bluetooth low energy signal that is detected by your iOS device.


A more developer friendly definition?


Well, iBeacon is a protocol that lets developers harness the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology in their apps. The term “iBeacon” has reference to physical things: the nodes in this new wireless network. Anything that has the latest version of Bluetooth can function as an iBeacon. In some cases, that can mean a smartphone.


What is this much talked about BLE?


Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless personal area network technology used for transmitting data over short distances. As the name suggests, BLE is designed for low energy consumption and cost. It maintains a communication range similar to that of its predecessor, Classic Bluetooth.


smart products illustration 2


This is interesting, tell me more!


With iBeacon, you can create magic. You have the sorcerer’s stone with you. All you need to do is cast a spell with your codes.


Fancy this:

  • You can Auto-Lock as walk away from your Mac
  • Turn on the lights and send notifications as you arrive
  • Make a heroic entrance with your favorite song as you arrive

Such thug life, much wow! Why wonder? Create ’em all at our Beacathon, the first ever hackathon for iBeaconheads. You create the best mobile apps with the integration of iBeacon tech and we load you up with prizes of INR 50,000! Wait, there’s more to it. AWS credits worth $100 and t-shirts as free giveaways. Make your new happening!



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