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Innovate Your Way to a Dream Job at the Amazon Ad:Clicks Hack


Amazon’s Clicks Advertising Group has something other than search advertising and keeping the clients happy on its mind this June. The team is on the lookout for new, kickass colleagues to join their happening team. And it could very well be you! On the fourth of June, the Amazon Development Centre is opening its grand doors to anyone who has packed in solid experience in search advertising, account management, and data analysis. The day-long event will be a test of your skills. And if you pass, you’ll be welcomed into Team Amazon.

Let’s reveal all, shall we? Until and unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade or so, we take it that you have a general idea about Amazon and what it does. So, we’ll skip these details. What we will talk about, however, is Amazon’s Click Advertising Group. This very large team (it employees over 100 people) is divided into three verticals. There’s the Advertiser Success (AdS), the Relevance Review, and the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS} teams. While the first team is tasked with providing support to advertisers, the other two moderate and review the company’s Ad products.

This formidable team has over the years gained experience in various fields. They usually tend to be experts in experimenting pilots, defining new programs, and executing content review processes. They also have rich experience in defining guidelines, SLAs, metrics and tracking the metrics. Now, don’t get them wrong, the team is not sharing all this in an attempt to show off. Instead, it is to showcase the exciting opportunities you’ll be handed if you join them.

If you are raring to go, then, it is time to see if your qualifications match Amazon’s requirements. The Clicks Advertising Group is looking for people with at least 3-8 years of experience in the fields of Search Advertising, Google Ad Words, Account Management, Bing Ads, Data Interpretation and Analysis. You also need to know your way around Microsoft Office and have reliable communication skills.

Got all this covered? Then, don’t waste any time. Use this link to send in your application and crack the first online challenge. When you are done, we’ll invite you over to the hack that’s happening on 4th June. There you will showcase your skills by participating in a case study. If you impress, then Amazon will conduct a series of interviews. Shine in those as well and you get to take home a job offer.

If you’ve got your eyes on the big prize, then, log on here for all the details.


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