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KooKoo API Mashup Challenge

Press 1 for Hindi. Press 2 for English. And so on. We’ve all heard this before. When calling up service providers. Or other businesses. I’m sure the developer in you must be wondering how this was done. Or perhaps, something like, “I could build something like this!”. Or even, “I could build better solutions!”

Well coders, wonder no more. We are giving YOU an opportunity to really explore what can be done with such cloud telephony or IVR software. How? It’s as easy as pressing 1 on your phone!

Press 1 to read about the challenge in general

Yes, the heading is cheesy. But it’s really that simple. Let me explain.

We are holding a series of 5 themed online hackathons. The themes are based on Cloud Telephony solutions. The first hackathon is underway already at the time of writing. But don’t worry! There is still about a week to go. And there is a lot more read about yet. Just press 2 to continue!

Press 2 to read about who’s conducting the hack

As I mentioned earlier, there are going to be 5 themed online hackathons. And these hackathons are for KooKoo. KooKoo is an interface between your web application and a caller. It takes phone commands from you and executes them on your behalf to the caller. If you want to know more about KooKoo and their services, head on over to their webpage. Go on. This post won’t go anywhere. Just press 3 to return. 😛

Press 3 to read about what you have to do

Well, as I said in an earlier menu, oh sorry, earlier section, we are kicking off a series of 5 online hackathons based on cloud telephony and IVR services. Also, these hackathons are for KooKoo.

And I guess it would come as no surprise that you are to build solutions using KooKoo’s APIs. You get to work with real, live APIs to build impactful products.

But in the first hackathon, you are to do a mix and mash. A mashup! The idea is simple: mix the KooKoo API with another APIs like Google Location API, Facebook or Twitter API, etc. Pretty cool, right?

And if you are starving for ideas, take a look at some other previous mashups here. Just press 4 to return to the post. 🙂

Press 4 to read about who can take part

Anyone! And we do mean anyone. From the college student to the experienced developer. We welcome them all. You don’t even need to have previous coding experience. Intrigued? Just press 5 to continue on with the post. 😛

Press 5 to read about the prizes on offer

At this point, you must be wondering, “This is all fine and dandy, but what’s in it for me?”. Well, apart from the pure intellectual pleasure this offers you, there are lucrative prizes on offer.

The top three submissions walk away with INR 10,000 while the next four get INR 5,000.

So get hustling! Register and submit!

Just press 6 to register!

Press 6 to register and take part in the challenge!

Once you register for the challenge, you will get detailed instructions on how to access the KooKoo APIs, as well as the submission procedure. Hurry up! The time is ticking. 🙂


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