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Ladies, Showcase Your Genius At The Ms Hackers Operations Challenge!


This one is from yours truly! Venturesity’s Ms. Hackers initiative is in the midst of hosting its fifth mega challenge. And we’d love for all of you lovely ladies with a calling in Operations to participate. The online challenge kicked off earlier this month, on 9th May to be exact. In the weeks that followed, we received some very fine entries. This has obviously gotten us greedy for more!

So, this is a call to all budding and experienced women Operation experts. If you haven’t already signed up for the ongoing challenge, we encourage you to do so now. We are sure that you will deliver smashing entries even in the final days of the competition.

If you are reading this, we think it is safe to assume that you know what Venturesity is all about. But for those of you who still don’t know (WHAT!!??), Venturesity is a learning and challenge platform. Companies sign up with us to host challenges to discover the best talent that’s out there. One of our favourite initiatives is Ms. Hackers that is targeted at women in the tech world and also outside it. We often find that many a times women don’t have access to platforms to develop and hone their skills. It is this unacceptable trend that we are looking to reverse with Ms. Hackers.

We regularly pose challenges for women professionals to participate in and show off their skills. And the Operations Challenge is not going to be any different. Operations professionals who sign up (registration is mandatory) will be tasked with providing their expertise to a (fictional) company that specialises in online courses. The courses, that the company offers, are aimed at improving professional skills. Now, as the one in-charge of Operations, you will need to come with a cheat sheet on the kind of information that you need every student to provide. There’s more but for us to reveal all you have to sign up here.

All entries will need to come through before 11.55 p.m. on 29 May 2016. The judges will then take over and go through every entry. When they have made their choice, the winner will be declared. If you are the chosen one, you can walk away with prizes worth INR 20,000 from Kaaryah. There is also a chance that you’ll bag a cool job offer.


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