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Learning How To Love Learning

This magical machine called The Brain was installed into our body for an evolutionary purpose called ‘Learning’. Curiosity, willingness to ask questions, seeking information and knowledge, these are the brain sparks that keep a human mind going. But what happens when your brain absolutely denies having the food it is meant to? What if you no longer love to learn? How can you reopen the doors?


For instance, when you first started teaching yourself to code, you wanted to love it. It might have even felt that you’re meant to love it. While you loved the feeling of having more control over your codes and your career there started a struggle to keep up with the initial surge of excitement. Ultimately you end up having serious doubts over your commitments and passion. So how do you bounce back in times of distress and learn to love to learn again? The following pointers might help you in going from f’d up to f’ing awesome!


Confused on how to start? Here’s a push in the right direction from Barbera Oakley, one of the world’s most renowned teachers and learning aficionado:




Change the way you think: Thought modification is the most important step in this. While coding or learning, in general, the smallest of things might sometimes take a longer time. Stop looking at the hourglass, beat the anxiety and learn to appreciate yourself. Instead of thinking that you wasted an hour over a small problem, feel contented that you solved a problem in an hour’s time.


Include it in your routine: Whether coding or learning French, it all becomes interesting when you look forward to through the day. Set a 10-minute time slot maybe thrice or four times a day to accommodate a half an hour learning regime in your daily life. Eat up during your Facebook or mindless web-surfing time to get quick 5-min lessons and see the magic. The practice will then transform into a habit.


Keep yourself motivated: Instead of getting bogged down by the feeling of nothingness, look towards better things in life. Meet new people, learn through sharing experiences. Attend meetups, learns, code jams, hackathons etc. The true essence of knowledge lies in imparting what you learn. Be a mentor to yourself and somebody else. Teach your nephew to code, or help an underprivileged kid with his school homework. This doesn’t just give you a sense of fulfilment but also a feeling that you made an impact in someone’s life and you look forward to learning more.


Take control, plan ahead: Prepare for the deadlock situations well in advance. Have post-its on the wall next to your table with positive tags like,’Clean your bed’ or ‘Take a walk’. When you feel you’re in a mess and things are not moving at all, you need to take a break. Do some positive stuff, take a power nap or listen to a song you love and get back with a renewed vigor to work. When it comes to coding, do either of the above or simple routine tasks like code review or logic review. You can even quickly revisit one of your loved topics (online lesson/blog/video) to gain back the lost momentum. Also have a code buddy, who helps you out when you’re surrounded by clouds of distress. Make sure he is smarter than you; trust me that helps 😉





The result?

Even the smallest of these efforts will bring in small positive changes, which will slowly account for the lost passion and in no time, you would love to learn again! You suddenly understand what you’ve always understood but in a new way, that’s what learning is.


Over to you! Are you up for a challenge? Ready to learn and shape up your career while doing the former? Visit our challenges and learnups today and get ready for an unparalleled and rewarding learning experience.




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