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List of Free Android App Development Tutorials

Android app development has completely captured the market with its technology and efficiency. Nowadays, a majority of the public prefers to use Android technology in their smartphone. Android already has the highest overall market contribution in the smartphone market, leading its formidable opponent iOS by a huge margin. Even development on android is way more dependable and less restrictive when compared to its counterparts. People are getting deeply involved and interested to attain maximum benefits from the wonders of creating android applications.

Every major release of Android has had a food-related code name, and a statue to commemorate each is visible at Google HQ
Every major release of Android has had a food-related code name, and a statue to commemorate each is visible at Google HQ

Android apps are typically written in a programming language called Java.  Java is immensely popular, and as an object-oriented language, it’s easy to pick up if you’ve worked with other [subscribelocker]object-oriented languages like C#, Objective-C, or Ruby. Google also provides a Native Development Kit (NDK) that allows developers to write important parts of their apps with native languages like C or C++.  This can be helpful if you need to reuse existing code or libraries in those languages, or if you want to try to get as best performance as possible for your app. There are some tools that allow you to write apps using web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can either write apps that run inside WebView, meaning that it’s a full-fledged web page that runs inside an app instead of a browser, or you can use tools like PhoneGap or Appcelerator Titanium to write code that compiles down to native code behind the scenes. There are pros and cons to taking this approach. In general you will get the best results by using a native language like Java, but you can certainly make solid apps that can delight your users with whatever tool you choose. If you really love another programming language, you can use 3rd party tools to write apps in that language, though these will always lag behind the latest features that get rolled out with each Android update:

Free Android App Development Tutorials

If you have been recently acquainted with the android technology and wish to kick start building your first android app, there are multiple websites which can provide you with basic android programming tutorials.However, since Android app development is such a broad topic, and everyone thinks differently, one cannot have too many resources to absorb knowledge from and understand Android technology. That’s why we recommend the following android tutorials for you to learn awesome android development from the very basics and understand all about Android technology –

1.Android Tutorial from Linux

  • Android Programming for Beginners: Part 1 – This Android tutorial walks you through creating a basic 30 second countdown application which displays a number on-screen.
  • Android Programming for Beginners: Part 2 – This Android tutorial adds a drop-down menu to the counter allowing for adjustments to the timer
  • Android Programming for Beginners: User Menus – This Android tutorial introduces the ListView class and replaces the drop-down with a  ListView[/subscribelocker]
  • 2. Teamtreehouse – Absolute beginners can build a simple android app using step-by-step instructions and can understand Android technology.

    3. RayWenderlich – A really personal blog-style android app development learning that is suitable for beginner-to-intermediate programmers.

    4. Android’s own website – Last but not the least. Though this website might require quite a bit of exploring the different resources, it’s a good way to get your hands dirty with information on even the minutest of concepts.

    Of-late we also posted about Why Learn Android Programming in Java?. Do have a look at Venturesity’s Android Course taught by expert Android developer Anupam Srivastava from Jutera labs. You will notice the difference between live tutoring and that of free resources on the internet yourself (and I mean a huge difference!).

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