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5 Key Marketing Strategies For Startups

Any business has two main functions- Innovation and marketing. If you can’t market your innovation well, everything else goes haywire. The aim of marketing is to understand your consumers so well that the product or service sells itself. Accurate marketing has made millions for businesses and ordinary people millionaires. When you have money flowing in your business, it screams out loud that you’ve made the correct marketing decisions. Let’s take a trip down to those lanes with key marketing strategies that marketing ninjas employ around the globe for successful businesses.
  • Create, engage, sell: An eminent professional in client services once told me,“To sell is human. It’s how you engage and make your customer feel after that is what matters.” There’s nothing wrong with flaunting your brand every now and then, but it’s important that you listen. Listen to what your customers have to say, the discussions should not just revolve around your brand and services but about customers and their expectations.With advancements in social media, it is now much easier to engage and show your support to your followers. A kind gesture, a surprise like or comment on their pictures, a share or retweet of their posts, a freebie… those little things of joy that make you big in front of them. Building brand trust by showing your support, whether of your community or your online following is really important.

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  • Build a community:  The immediate and most effective result that a community fetches you is the creation of a highly engaged consumer base. Community creates a sense of belonging and their experience with you/your brand becomes so much more than just your product or a service. Whether it’s a pasta recipe or an iOS app, you will have guaranteed users who connect with and understand the body of your work.  It also pays off as a great business strategy. Your community members, being more engaged and related to your product or service, are more likely to come back. They’ll buy as well as promote what they believe in.
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  • Make your presence felt: Every twenty-first-century startup has a digital presence. You may be satisfied that you have a decent website, an eventful blog and regular email campaigns. But being online does not guarantee that you are actually reaching your consumers. Get correct SEO and digital marketing mafias to work. They will turn around the business for you. There have been several sunken ships due to the lack of relevant content and digital presence. If you want your ship to sail, the mast should be held high, isn’t it? Start growth hacking today!Image result for social media gif
  • Content is the key: 

    “Write when drunk, edit when sober, marketing is the hangover”

    Your content should have the central ‘why’ of your company at the same time some humor with a pinch of salt and pepper. Be bold but not a bimbo, share/create relevant content linking back in someway or the other to your mission. Be new, not needy. Novelty and innovation are what drives marketing and business in general. Be new, be hip but do not stab your customers with the NOTICE ME NOTICE ME KNIFE!

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  • Data and customization: The need of the hour is data driven marketing. The numbers have your questions as well as their answers hidden. Use correct metrics to assess your performance, keep tracking your visits, clicks, conversions and what not every day. Data-driven marketing is the present and the future. What you can’t track you can’t improve, so it becomes really essential to understand what is working and what is not. Data helps you understand your customer better, you have a 360-degree view of your audience and can easily understand what is working here. Employ psychological and alluring hack ideas and drive growth and transformation to your brand.Image result for seo

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