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How Mast Global Unearthed Mobile Technologists At A Mega Hack

A Secret hack it may have been but the Mast Global event still managed to attract plenty of participation. Early on July 16, 2016, 62 participants walked in through the gates at Mast Global’s offices at Bengaluru’s Manyata Tech Park. There were three positions up for grab across the iOS (developer and lead) and Android (developer) departments. And each of the participants was raring to go.





Mast Global, a part of L Brands, is the technological force behind sister-concern brands like Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, La Senza, and PINK. Through the years, the company has remained focussed on investing in and developing top-notch talent. This is because Mast Global firmly believes that its associates are its greatest strength. Keeping this in mind, the hack was designed to find kickass talent that was adept at solving, designing, programming, and cognitive engineering. And over two days, the hack did just that!




After a presentation by Mast Global’s VP (India), the participants were divided into three group and packed off to separate rooms. The applicants for the iOS Lead position were also asked to form teams with the iOS developers for the challenge. Once things settled down, three problem statements were handed out and the hack took off. As afternoon came by, the aspirants for the iOS Lead position submitted the Architecture and Design structure that they had crafted. After many rounds of snacks and, also, dinner, it was again time for the Leads to present the first level of coding.




When the presentations were complete, the teams continued to work at a steady pace even as they as munched their way through the midnight snacks. The next day, as the sun came up, the participants were served breakfast. After this, the team at Mast Global got down to business and started the interview process to find the perfect iOS Lead. The frantic work on the problem statements continued alongside till early evening. The participants then started bringing in their submissions.


The Champion iOS team


The Mast Global, then, huddled together and went through each submission with a keen eye. It was no easy task since each submission had been thought-through and executed with care by the participants. But after a tough debate, the Mast Global announced the winners and welcomed the latest entrants to their formidable team. The roll-call of winners went something like this – Sathish Kumar (iOS Lead),Durga Prasad (iOS Developer), Vikas Kumar (iOS Lead), Manjunath (Android Developer), Azhar (Android Developer),  and Sanat Kumar Patra (Android Lead). Each of them received a Bose wireless speaker and other great gifts. With that, the curtains were drawn on the mega-successful Mast Global Secret Hack.


The meritorious Android Team!


Congratulations to all the winners!  


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