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MMX Droid Fest : Review

Lights, Camera, Action – The MMX DROID FEST!

(A feature on CNBC about Venturesity’s hackathon – coming soon!)

Hacker, hackers and hackers everywhere! Yes, that pretty much sums up the scene at our Micromax Droid Fest. Micromax is one of the leading mobile phone  company in India and the 10th largest mobile phone player in the world. Participants started breaking in as early as 8:30 am ( yeah, it sounds crazy to most of you, considering a  weekend). Saranya, Akansha, Rashmi took care of the registrations. Mohit and Satyam helped participants settle down. By 10:30 am, Myna started with introducing  Venturesity to the participants. She explained them the hiring model we follow and the noise it has created in the market lately. Teja Gudena and Tamanna Jain took turns to introduce Micromax and talked about Micromax’s plan to build their own R&D. Santosh Babu unveiled the problem statement. And thus began the Hackers’ war. 180 hackers split in 35  teams (oh yes! 180 soliders! ). And here is how they fought and survived.  

MMX Droid Fest
War begins!

While most chose MMX office as their battlefield, few decided to take the challenge from home. The hackers had a good breakfast before they plunged into the battlefield. Here is a list of the job positions and their respective Problem Statements: Android Framework Developer

  • Implement a backup and restore application
  • Build a File launcher
  • Build a File Manager

Android System Engineer

  • CPU Frequency Analysis for Android Systems
  • System Impact Analysis
  • Develop a USB driver

Backend Engineer

  • Implement a REST API to upload files on a server
  • Implement a REST API to retrieve file meta data

UI Designer

  • Visualize the next generation UI/GUI for home screen, Lock Screen

Automation Engineer

  • Framework for automating sanity test on mobile devices
  • Develop a framework that can execute test cases in chunks of 10
  • Write JUnit test cases for an Android Application of your choice

As mentioned above, we had CNBC at the venue to cover our event. By 2:00, the hackers were fueling themselves with some good lunch. And their hack was underway all this time. At 5:00pm, our new international trooper , Sean (the pretty face of our hackathon) conducted a fun quiz(Oh yes, you should have looked at the questions! :D) . The participants had a good time fighting (War was underway everywhere !) and trying to be the first one to answer. Bags and goodies were given away. Post dinner, to keep the coders’ spirit high all night, Kushagra(our regular ice breaker) and Akansha (our perky host) called out for some bad singers and dancers (yes, you heard that right !). But turned out that some good singers heard that wrong and came forward and performed real good (Oh! Of course).

MMX droid Fest-Tweets
Twitter War!

Sunday, 10:30 am began the demonstrations. They were two demo rooms. 18 teams reached the technical round and most among them entered the final HR round. It was highly generous of the Micromax team to award the winning team with Micromax smartphones. (Huge, right?) The winning teams were-

  • RUB IT (Restore Unified Backup interactive Tool): They were working on implementing backup and restore which provides  full flexibility in the way backup can be performed or scheduled. The user can either set a scheduled time or can update the same via a web interface without even being in the vicinity of the device.
  • RESTinPeace: They made a library for developers using which they can make a backup of App data as well as data present in the file system.
  • Fartans: They worked on implementing a backup and restore application using Spring framework, MySQL, Hibernate, Maven.
  • Android Geeks:  They built File manager with drag and drop for copying files.
  • AAM Junta:  They  were working on implementing backup and restore
  • MaxS: They built an app in health care domain, where doctors and patients can share their files amongst themselves in a secure way.

Fartans also were awarded for twitting funkiest team name. 😀 Team Builders and BROids were awarded for their innovative ideas; they were working on building apps other than the problem statement. Many are under further  consideration. We really appreciate the effort taken by Micromax team in making this event a success.  The enthusiastic participants (not to forget, who were up all night) had a great time hacking away. Their high spirit really amazes us. We wish the shortlisted candidates good luck. Look out for the upcoming ones, no two hacakthons are the same. Interested in developing your ideas further? We will make sure to connect you to relevant companies to make sure that your idea sees the light of day. For more details contact Prashant Koirala at


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