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Ms. Hackers Graphics Design LearnUp – What to expect?

So the Ms. Hackers Graphics LearnUp is almost upon us. It was supposed to take place this Saturday i.e. July 30th, but because of unfortunate circumstances, it’s been postponed to August 6th. But good things come to those who wait, right? And we do have a fantastic treat in store! Prateeksen Choudhury, our very own graphics designer extraordinaire, will be the mentor for the session.

Here are some of the cool topics he will cover:

  • Generative Art. This is basically art created algorithmically. For a little taste of some of the patterns that can be created, take a look


  • Generative Algorithms. Explore fractals like Koch snowflakes, Sierpinski triangles, etc. and see how they can be used to create generative art


  • Basic Introduction to Web Design. Get your hands dirty with HTML, CSS and a little bit of JS. For a beginning level intro, check this out


  • Raster Graphics. Don’t let the name scare you. Remember how you dabbled (or still dabble!) with MS. Paint and stuff like that? Basically, this revolves around editing pixels. In the LearnUp, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of this type of approach


  • Vector Graphics. Basically, this uses polygons to represent images in computer graphics. This method allows you to arbitrarily zoom into parts of images without loss of quality


We hope you will find these topics informative and fun. So see you at the LearnUp. Happy designing!


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