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Ms. Hackers: The Winners

So we were looking for content writers. And because we are Venturesity, we set it up as a challenge. A challenge to get the best content writers out there. Also, because this challenge coincided with our Ms. Hackers initiative, we decided that to mix the two. In other words, this content writing challenge would also kick off the first of the Ms. Hackers challenges!

The challenge was simple to state. Write a blog post outlining what traits you think will make a star employee. That’s all there is to it.

We kept it vague to see the thought processes of the candidates. We had several submissions of fairly good quality. But three stood out from the rest. 

Here is the list of winners, along with links to their posts:

  • First place: Varsha Suresh. Her take on what are the traits of what makes a star employee was interesting. She talked about how an average run of the mill employee could step up to become a rockstar.
  • Second place: Navya D’Souza. Navya talked about the 5 most important traits of an amazing employee. And how one could leverage these traits into a successful career! Here’s what she wrote.
  • Third place: Mukta Chakravorty. Mukta’s view was that pedigrees and marks, in the end, do not matter so much as one’s ability and performance. Sure pedigrees may get you one foot into the door, so to speak, but the true test is of your ability. Take a look here to see her viewpoints.

We hope you enjoy reading these posts. Also, as part of our women in tech initiatives, our KooKoo challenge, for women coders only, is ongoing. Head on over here to take a look.


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