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Ms. Hackers: Second Place Winner

The following post is written by Navya D’Souza. She is the second place winner of the Ms. Hackers content writer challenge.

5 Traits that Make You a Star Employee

Companies, big and small, are always on the lookout for rockstar employees that bring something special to the roles they take up. Gone are the days when a fancy degree took you places and got you promotions. Today, you are more likely to be hotly pursued and rewarded if you possess that ‘X’ factor that infuses the company with positive energy and pushes it forward. Here’s a sneak peek into what makes a star employee.

Keep it Simple

Whether you are writing code or creating copy for a product, keep things simple. If your ideas are brilliant but unachievable or cost the company a whole lot of resources, it is unlikely that your bosses will get on board. The prize, instead, will go to that employee who can provide uncomplicated, cost-effective and valuable solutions that gets the work done.

Dive Deep

Get to know your job really well, inside out. Star employees go well beyond their JD and their KPIs to delve deep into what they are doing. Whether you are in a plump managerial role or have just started off your career, you can get ahead by understanding thoroughly why your job is crucial to the company’s growth and how you can work with other departments to create a product that’s truly exciting.

Share & Care

You may have heard of this old saying ‘There’s no ‘I’ in Team’ – star employees stand by that motto. If you’d like to climb the ladder of success, there’s no better way to do it than take your whole team and your company along for the ride. Sharing ideas that benefit your team, working with your team to reach goals and learning from your peers are enriching experiences that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your professional journey.

Get Creative

New challenges demand new solutions. Star employees don’t take the ‘one size fits all’ path. Instead, they jump at the opportunity to break free from the box and think outside of it. Think about it, if Steve Jobs had merely taken the tried and tested way of making computers, then, Apple would have been long forgotten like many companies have been. Innovation and a passion for trying out something scarily new can take you places, no doubt.

Develop Personality

An employee with a well-rounded personality can be a winning talent for a company. Broaden your horizons and take up interests that have nothing to do with your job. Photography, blogging, cooking, even, bungee-jumping can all prove to be a value add. You never know how your knowledge on one particular subject can gain you fresh perspective on a challenge you are facing at work.



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