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Need for Code: A Review

It’s been almost 20 weeks now since we launched our Need for Code challenge. The challenge has proved a successful one indeed! With well over 2,000 registrations and a 100+ submissions, it has proved to be one of our most successful initiatives. So much so, that if there is any slight delay in putting up the challenge, we get friendly reminders to hurry up, please, and put up the challenge already!

So what’s made this initiative so successful? And why do people wait so eagerly for their weekly dose?

I don’t pretend to speak for everyone, but here are some of the reasons why I think people love to take part in the Need for Code challenge:

  • Interesting Problems. What does a successful challenge make? The problems! If the problems weren’t interesting, people wouldn’t want to solve them. And our challenges, be it the Need for Code challenge, or others, are original, and dare we say it, interesting.
  • People are UP for a challenge! The problems that you work on are interesting, original, and challenging. They are not so challenging that novice programmers are felt left out, but they also pack enough of a punch that the experienced ones like to solve them as well. You know. To keep oneself sharp.
  • Competition. There ARE lucrative prizes on offer. We give out $100 worth of AWS credit. And people do like to compete for prizes after all. J
  • Habit forming. Remember your grandma and how she always does the crossword first thing in the morning? Our Need for Code challenge has become something of a habit for some of our diehard coders. It’s something that people just do at the start of their week.

So there you have it, folks. Our Need for Code challenge, while it may not have an end goal of hiring, has proved extremely successful. And as always, this success is entirely due to the participants. Without YOUR participation, this Need for Code would have become a dud. And for those who are new to this Need for Code business, stop what you are doing now. Head on over to this page, register and see what the fuss is all about.

Have any suggestions on how we can make this initiative better? Or do you want to create your own little coding challenge and have it featured? Write to us at Go on. Don’t be shy. I can tell you personally that it feels good to see hundreds of people attempt the challenges that one creates.


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