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We Have News! Venturesity Is Now Venturing Into The Non-Tech Domain

After three years of putting employers in touch with the best tech talent in the country, it was time to shake things up. It was time to take a giant leap. And we are thrilled to announce that we have done just that! Venturesity is now all geared up to bring brilliant non-tech professionals face-to-face with their next, big opportunity at some of the biggest and best companies in India.

Since we started off on this wild and, often, crazy journey in 2013, we have learnt that actions speak way louder than words on any given day. So, instead of making big announcements about us widening our focus to include non-tech domains, we decided to get into action first.

And instead of taking small, cautionary steps, we decided to go big. You see, Amazon, the world’s leading online marketplace, was looking for stellar talent in the area of operations. In India, the Amazon Retail Business Service Group wanted to expand and bring on professionals who could contribute immensely to their online product lifecycle and help constantly improve their buying operations. They approached us and we saw this as the perfect opportunity to venture into other, unexplored spheres.

But, why did Amazon even come to us in the first place? It is because, in the past three years, we have been dedicated and focussed on bringing great talent and great companies together. Amazon who has teamed up with Venturesity many times before for various hackathons was well aware of this. Additionally, the past three years have seen us build a formidable network of professionals, who constantly get onto our platform in the search for an exciting opportunity. When we reached out to our network and let them know of this upcoming challenge, we were flooded with over 2,000 registrations in no time.

Also, Amazon needed someone reliable to screen the candidates and pool together the resources that were best qualified for the job. Again, Venturesity stepped in. On our technically sound platform, we put together an online qualification process that ensured that only the right candidates went through to the next round. With 700 great candidates in hand, Amazon and Venturesity worked together to bring the best 150 candidates for the final event where case studies and interviews were set up for these job-seekers.

We are happy to tell you that this first major venture into the world of non-tech was a roaring success. We were able to successfully, once again, bridge the gap between employers and brilliant talent. And we know that with the right screening processes, well-crafted challenges, and a sprinkling of creativity we can continue to produce great results.


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