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Only 1 in 20 Indian Tech Grads Considered ‘World Class’

The quality of India’s private sector education system is being questioned in a study by Knowledgefaber, which found only a minority of India’s yearly batch of over 350,000 engineering and IT grads are fit to join MNCs.

Half of India’s 356,000 engineering and technology graduates last year failed to find gainful employment and less than five percent were deemed suitable to work at multinationals such as Google, according to a study.

In an interview with ZDNet, Amit Goel, CEO of Bangalore-based technology consultancy firm Knowledgefaber, discussed the findings of his company’s report “Fresh talent pool landscape in India,” which highlights the imbalance of India’s IT human capital industry.

After interviewing hundreds of MNC CEOs and HR executives and college principals, Knowledgefaber found India’s IT capability…

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