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Some encouraging words from our past Amazon Hack Winners

Amazon has been looking high and low for great talent in the past few months. They have traveled across cities, in India, in search for awesome talent to join their top-notch engineering, digital marketing, and other kick-ass teams. And after successfully finding talent, during their first hack there, they are right back to where they started: Pune.

During the day-long hack that unfolds at the ‘O’ Hotel, in Pune, on August 27, 2016, Amazon is looking to recruit software engineers. The desired skill set includes experience in Java, Python, C++, Data Structures, C#, Algorithms, C, and Design Patterns. Those who are selected for the role will be inducted into Amazon’s prestigious Kindle File Format and Software Development Kit team. This amazing opportunity involves working extensively on the Kindle platform and developing exciting features for the much-loved device.

But, why should you participate in the mega event? Of course, there is the obvious lure of a brand-new job at a leading company like Amazon. Winners also get to take home an Amazon Kindle. But there are a lot more advantages to participating in the hack. Don’t believe us? Then, just hear it from past winners, who are all going to join Amazon in the coming months.


“It’s Easy!”

Nagarjun, who traveled all the way from Hyderabad to participate in the Bangalore hack a few weeks ago, recounts that it was super easy to sign up for the hack. There was no tedious or lengthy process that he had to go through. All he had to do was sign up on a dedicated page on Venturesity’s platform, submit his application, and take a test before he received the invite for the hack. You can breeze through the application process too, by signing up here.



“It’s Challenging!”

When he landed up at the hack, Ganesh Panaskar, who won the first Amazon Hack in Pune, was pleasantly surprised by how well-organised the hack was. He tells us that everything went off smoothly and that he faced no hassle. He also appreciated that support that was extended by the onsite Amazon team. When asked about the test that Amazon posed during the hack, Panaskar says, “The test was interesting and challenging. We were given enough time to solve the questions and it was a great experience.”



“Relied On My Experience”

After packing in years of experience, it’s great to test it out, don’t you think? Kranti Kiran, who had garnered more than 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing before landing a job at Amazon, certainly thinks so. He participated in the Amazon Hack and channeled his rich experience, applied it to the challenge that was presented to him on the day of the hack and walked away with a cool job offer.



“Learnt Something New”

Often, when we go through the day-to-day of our busy jobs, we tend to lose touch with external learning sources. However, Ganesh Panaskar found that the hack gave him a great opportunity to learn (and relearn) new skills. In preparation for the hack, he went through study materials and books that explored themes that were relevant to the job profile. He also took up practice tests to gauge his level of expertise. And, in the end, he not just picked up new skills but also bagged the job of a lifetime. 



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