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PayUMoney Appathon Review

Wow! Just Wow! What a turnout we had for the PayUMoney Appathon! This was our first hack in Delhi, and we didn’t quite know what to expect. With 77 participants split into 27 teams, you Delhites proved that hackathons are not just for Bangaloreans anymore! (Bangaloreans, it appears you have competition! Time to step up your game…).

The hackathon was extremely organized with all amenities taken care of: food, seating and sleeping arrangements. (PayUMoney team, you guys did great.) At 11:00 a.m. the hack commenced with participants streaming in as early as 8:30 a.m. Prashanth, from PayUMoney, introduced the participants to the company, and with that the hackathon got underway in earnest.

Here is a list of the problem statements that the hackers worked on:

  • Problem Statement A: Here, the hackers had to build a P2P payments experience with easy signup and login, adding and managing contacts, and to manage sources of funds and making transfers.
  • Problem Statement B: Participants had to build an app that allows pictures of bills to be taken with annotated tags.
  • Problem Statement C: Here, the attendees had to build an app that “counts the number of minutes and seconds spent in making and receiving calls, and the number of SMS sent, and figure out the best pre-paid recharges and post-paid plans to optimize cost.”
  • Problem Statement D: Here, the hackers had to build a multi-player game involving stocks.

Since we had another hack going on simultaneously, and Kushagara could not be in two places at once, Subhendu, our cofounder took over DJ duties. With his excellent choice in music, the Delhi Hackers spontaneously broke out into dance. (Subhendu, I’ve told you many times that you are made to be a DJ-Author’s note.)

Lunch time was an extremely healthy affair which the crowd appreciated. (If you thought hackathons were unhealthy pizza fests, you have erred.) Snacks such as chips and coffee were available throughout the hack. The PayUMoney team were on hand to answer questions that the hackers had.

We had icebreakers such as dance competitions etc. to keep the hackers entertained. The hackers showed our Bangalore hackers how to shake a leg. Take a look here to see how it’s done.

On Sunday, at 11:00 a.m., the demos started. The judges had a hard time in picking out the winners due to the quality on display. Here is a complete list of winners and details about their products:

  • 1st Place: mChamps. This five member team created an App that allows users to transfer virtual money using an mWallet. Each walked away with Rs. 10,000.
  • 2nd Place (tie): mHunters and Apple Seed. The mHunters team consisted of four members. They created an App that included the following features: (i)A P2P connection between 2 Android phones using XMPP protocol. The user will be able to transfer funds to another device using a P2P connection. (ii) Scanning and Extraction of data from Debit/Credit Card. Card details like card number, expiry date and card type will be extracted. (iii) Material design UI. Team Apple Seed, a five member team, built an App that focused on various kinds of fund transfer methods like wallet to wallet, debit card to wallet etc. Each member of each team won Rs. 2,500.
  • 3rd place: Hacker Ninjas. This five member team designed a game that depicted the virtualization of buying and selling stocks. For their efforts, they walked away with Rs. 1,000 each.

In addition, PayUMoney awarded Rs. 500 to each participant. This amazing gesture is much appreciated! But you guys deserve it for your efforts and participation. At the end of the hackathon, PayUMoney shortlisted a total of 31 participants for further interviews. We wish the candidates all the best in the rest of the interview process.

Interested in participating in more of our hacks? Our Nepal Hack, an initiative to donate via code to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal takes places this upcoming weekend. In addition, Appsaholic for Perk is scheduled for the 16th. We also have an online hackathon for Oracle from 6 P.M. on the 15th to 6 P.M. on the 17th (that’s a whole lot of hacks!). We hope that you participate in one (or more!) of these hacks!


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