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Perk Up: Our review of Perk Appsaholic

Rain. It seems to follow RCB everywhere they go this IPL season. Similarly, rain threatens to be a dampener in almost every hackathon we’ve conducted these past two months. But, just as the rain does not seem to stop the fans from turning out in large numbers, our hackathons do draw in the most dedicated of crowds.

The Appsaholic hackathon we conducted for this past weekend illustrates the above point. Although it was raining quite heavily, we had a relatively great turnout. 35 candidates, split into 11 teams participated in the hack. This time around, it appears that the coders had fun coming up with imaginative team names. (Who says coders don’t have a sense of humor?). Here are some of the more creative names: Droidaholic, iCoders, Androidians, Perk family, Here for BEER7, SNS, Osama Bin Obama (really? Osama Bin Obama, I mean, really?), Inception etc. (FYI Here for BEER7 weren’t really there for the beer; our hackathons are dry affairs. 😉 )

On Saturday, at 11:00 a.m., the teams completed their registrations, and the hack officially got underway. Vamsee Krishna and Prakash Kumar, both of, introduced the participants to Perk and talked about a few of the challenges that the company has to tackle. Afterwards, Myna, our COO, formally introduced the candidates to Venturesity and what we are doing to change the hiring landscape.

At 11:15 a.m., the participants received the problem statement via email. They had to integrate the Appsaholic SDK to build an app that rewards users with Perk points. Sounds simple right? But there was plenty of room for creativity…and that’s exactly what the candidates demonstrated.

Come lunch time, due in large part to the hospitality and friendly nature of Team, candidates let loose. For entertainment during the hack, there was an indoor mini-golf set (to practice putting!), XBOX, and of course live music. Kushagra, our intern, was the DJ.


These entertainment and icebreaker sessions provided the perfect fuel for many of the participants.  As usual, the hacker zombie within each candidate came out, and the majority of the attendees hacked throughout the night.

At 11:00 a.m., on Sunday, the deadline for submissions passed. Candidates breathed a collective sigh of relief; only the demos to go!  (It never fails to impress us how you guys, after hacking away all throughout the night, still find the energy to go on and present the next day!)

All 11 teams presented, and because the team wanted to evaluate each submission more thoroughly, the results were not immediately announced. On Wednesday, the list of shortlisted candidates was sent out via email.  At the time of this writing, Perk has shortlisted a total of 9 candidates with more to come in the upcoming week.

Thanks to Mr. Mark Dennis, our intrepid reporter at the hack, without whom this blog post would not have materialized. His reporting perked up your interest to attend more hacks? Our Hack for Nepal, our initiative to help Nepal “move forward” is coming up on May 30th. We have more challenges and hackathons in the pipeline so stay tuned.


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