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When The Pokemon Craze Caught Up With Coders At The Poke Hack

Yes! We admit it. Venturesity has been bitten by the Pokemon Go bug. And we decided to make the most of it and create a Pokemon-themed hack for coders in Bangalore. Teaming up with Corona Labs, we invited Pokemon enthusiasts to participate in a fun hack that would see them build cool games and products around the sensational game that has taken the world by storm.

The first of its kind to be held in India, the Poke Hack got a marvellous response from coders. Over 70 participants flocked to the venue, on the 13 August, 2016, and each participant was raring to go. To our surprise, we even saw participants coming in from cities around Bangalore for this exclusive event.


The event began with a presentation from Adnan Nabi from Corona Labs. After which, the teams of excited coders got down to business. The 24-hour hack was centred around three themes. The teams had to map out a game using API, they also had to build a game inspired by Pokemon Go, and they had to add a dose of imagination to get their Pokemon to fly. Wow! They sure had a lot of ground to cover to emerge successful in this hack. Plus, there’s always the added distraction of Pokemon lurking around, waiting to be caught.


But the coders put aside all temptations and immersed themselves in brainstorming and coding. To ensure that they had fun while slaying their tasks, we brought out the foosball table and also played music to wake up the sleepyheads. It wasn’t working very well until, of course, large parcels of biryani arrived at midnight.

Once the biryani had been demolished, the coding teams got back to work and continued to do so until the next morning. It was then time for the demos and each team came up to present their sensational ideas. After a close contest, Venturesity declared two winners.

Our Judges inspecting the submission of a contestant

Team Blue Lynx came in second. The one-man team of Subh D. Choudhury came up with the idea of a hide-and-seek, multi-player game. It would be called Gotcha Pikachu! and would be targeted at kids in the 6-10 age group. The grand-prize went to Team ‘We Came For Free Food!’ Members Kaushik Kannan, Makesh Kumar, and Shikha Rani built a  badass online multiplayer game which calls out to the inner hero in you. Players would get a chance to save the universe from the clutches of evil {including, Donald Trump, of course}. The winners took home a bagful of goodies from Venturesity.

Congratulations to the winners!



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