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How Pokémon Go Can Drive Insane Sales for Your Business: Pokéhacks Finally Revealed!

A revolution has begun! And this revolution is redefining augmented reality and the definitions of real time gaming. The success of Pokémon Go is completely outlandish and is breaking all records of popularity and success. The idea of reliving your childhood and chasing your favorite cartoon characters in real time shouts out was something beyond imagination. But shit got real and how! The world has submitted to the Pokémon storm and it’s a Poké world out there.

Apart from breaking the internet, Pokémon Go is totally killing it on reinventing marketing strategies for brick and mortar stores, online business and augmented reality. Being the most downloaded game in the history of gaming, this game has opened new doors for the marketers and businessmen to sell their ideas in collation with Pokémon! So how can you use this game to give your business a big boost?


1) Pokéstops

The game has various locations around the map which are known as Pokéstops. These Pokéstops can be at random locations around your city. A temple, a cafe, a statue or maybe your shop. Who knows! However, if you own a café or shop close to a Pokéstop, you can install lures into a Pokéstop for as low as $2. These lures turn the stop into a beacon and attracts all the Pokémon and the players towards the stop.

A Pizzeria in Manhattan spent a mere $10 on the lure modules and increased their sales by up to 30%! Cause and effect you see.


2) Pokémania

Incorporate the Pokéstop hack and customize your business with Pokémon! The same Pizzeria launched Pokémon themed Pizzas and it was a great hit. Themed t-shirts, caps, badges, parties, food menus, events, you name it! It’s all Pokémonized today! People into merchandising and customization business, lend your ears to this one. Pokémania is the new cool!



Promote your mobile phone showroom and the phones saying they are the best in class for Pokémon Go gaming! Write all fancy stuff, huge Pokémon Go posters and there you have an out of the blue marketing strategy!

4) Pokéshouts

I witnessed this amazing hack just a few days back when a rumor spread that a rare Pokémon, Mew was found in one of the malls in Bangalore. Whoever this genius of a kind was, managed to get all Pokécrazy gamers from everywhere walking into the malls by night. What a strategy!


5) Poké Partnership:

The talks are already on! Niantic is working on individuals and businesses sponsoring their own Pokéstops. While this may take a while, the leaks say that Mc.Donalds has already entered into an engagement to turn their outlets into Pokéstops. Enter into an alliance, sponsor your store as your Pokéstops and there you are.


Pokémon Go has an insane potential of driving sales and consumers to your doorstep. All you need is to harness this potential while it lasts. There are celebrations all over, Pokémon themed parties, t-shirts, events and even movies!

And in the spirit of celebrating the Pokémonism, we at Venturesity, are hosting a Poké Hack on 13th August.The ultimate 24 hours Hackathon to combine your love for coding and your determination to catch your favorite Pokémon. See you folks there and as I always say

~ Gotta hack ’em all! ~


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