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Propeller Challenge Review

We’ve noticed for a while now, in our attempt to take over the world, that we’ve been neglecting a certain segment. Our hackathons, online challenges and other initiatives mainly catered to professionals. What about the poor college kids? Sure, students are welcome to participate in our challenges. But it had been a while since we had hacks catered exclusively for them.

To close this gap, we held our Propeller challenge: an initiative held exclusively for students from elite colleges. (Yes, I know what you must be thinking. What about great students from the so-called non-elite colleges? Don’t worry. In January, we are kicking off our Venture Hack Intercollegiate championship for colleges in Bangalore. More information to follow in a later post. So stay tuned.)

So what exactly did Propeller entail? And what was in it for the students? The carrot was simple. Solve a challenge, and get a great internship. As simple as that. Fits right in with our M.O. doesn’t it?

There were several tracks that the students could choose from. Once they chose a track, they had to solve the challenge that was thrown at them. Then they would have to submit it on our platform.

The cool thing about the initiative in general was that it was entirely online. So there was no need for students to gather in an arena. They could solve it in the privacy of their own hostel room. Or wherever they stay. J

With 400 + registrations in all the tracks, and 50+ submissions in all tracks combined, the initiative was a fantastic success!

So what were these challenges? The challenges ran the gamut from operations to coding. Here is a list of tracks, the winners in each, and links to their projects:

·         Analytics: Unfortunately, there were no takers in this track. But we are sure participants had a grand old time attempting the challenge!

·         Design: Vikalp Sinha from IIT Patna won this track. Here is his cool submission.

·         Operations: Raaj Bajaj from IIM Shillong won this track. Take a look here.

·         Marketing: Shubhanshu Tripathi from IIM Shillong shows how a great marketer works. Here is his take.

·         Product Management: Abir Nandi shows his amazing Product Management skills. Take a peek here.

·         Programming: There was a tie in this track. Kushagara from IIT Jodhpur showed us how it’s done. But Himanshu Garg from IIT Patna equaled his brilliance. Here is his cool submission.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants. We are sure that this initiative will propel you forward in your career!

Missed the propeller challenge? Don’t worry! We have plenty of other challenges and other college championships up ahead. So stay tuned!


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