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Prove that You are an App Ninja by Conquering the Amazon’s A-Z Challenge


People, Amazon is on the lookout for amazing talent, again! And just like their previous challenges, this one promises plenty too. Bookmark your calendars and circle the 23rd of July in bright red, we say. It’s a hiring event for their Appstore Tech team

Amazon’s Appstore Technology team is brewing something super special. High on innovation, the team of software engineers is building a massive app store that contains curated app from third parties. If you make the cut, you will be joining an elite squad that develops large-scale platforms. These cutting-edge platforms support endless apps provided by app makers from all over and consumed by Amazon’s expansive customer base.

The team plays around with various content classifications tools and machine learning algorithms to achieve its goals. You will also be given an opportunity to hone your skills in Android internals and mobile automation. And will have to take ownership of various developer-facing services that ensure that the app store works without a glitch, at all times. In short, you will be intimately involved with every step of the development lifecycle of this exciting initiative.

For the job, Amazon is looking for software engineers who have packed in years of experience. Your profile should include work in Java, C++ and building Scalable Systems. If you can easily claim that you have mastered all of these, then, log on here and start off the application process ASAP. Next, you can jump straight into taking on an online challenge. If your entry impresses us, then, we’ll give you a call to participate in the mega event that’s happening at the end of July.

On the big day, you will be presented with an exciting challenge that you need to crack in style (this is an individual challenge). The folks at Amazon will then review your solution and you can join the interview lines if they see promise in what you have delivered.

When you drop in at the hack, you will need to bring in your laptop, charger and, of course, your good self! Also, it won’t cost you a thing to gain entry into the challenge (just your transport). We will provide you with all the food you need and ensure that it’s accompanied by plenty of beverages too.

For all the details on the event, log on here.


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