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Ready to be an Innovation Machine at Amazon’s Retail Business Ops Challenge?

Have you spent the last few years honing your skills at Ops Management? And are you on the lookout for your next big challenge? If you are nodding affirmatively and vigorously, in answer, to both these questions, then, we have a biggie for you! Amazon’s Retail Business Services (RBS) Group is looking for brilliant talent in the catalogue management domain, and you might just be it.

Amazon’s RBS team plays a gigantic role in the online product cycle and buying operations of the company. It’s up to them to ensure that Amazon stays ahead of the race by offering competitive prices in the online marketplace, showcasing a wide selection that impresses its customers beyond words, and that each product is accompanied by relevant and accurate information. It’s fairly obvious that this is a big ask and you’ll be constantly challenged on the job. But if you are raring to go, then, let’s get to the details, shall we?

The first step is to apply here. This blog is going out as the initial application process is winding down. So, if you haven’t sent out your application and have not undertaken the first challenge, then, we suggest, you do so NOW! Once you sail through the first test, we suggest you prepare and sharpen your skills for the big challenge on April 23rd, 2016.

Starting off at 10am on April 23rd, the challenge will continue till the evening of April 24, 2016 at the Amazon Development Centre (World Trade Center, Rajajinagar). Over the course of two days, you will be given a case study and will be asked to showcase your Ops skills to deliver solutions. This one is strictly a one-man challenge and we are looking for talent experienced in People, Metrics, Team, Vendor, and Operations Management. If your analytic abilities are nothing short of brilliant and you’ve trained teams, it will surely earn you brownie points.

When the case studies wrap up, short-listed candidates will go through interviews, before some very cool operation managers take home brand-new jobs. Now, isn’t that a weekend worth looking forward to?

Remember, all you need to bring along is your vast armour of impressive job skills. We’ll provide you with all the food you need to keep you racing towards the glorious finish line.

So, are you ready to conquer Amazon, this weekend? Yes? Then get started here.

Best of Luck!


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