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Real Hack Review

If you weren’t living under a rock, you’d know that recently Bangalore has been hit with an unseasonable amount of rain. But this did not dampen the spirits of our diehard hackathonees. They came from far and wide, some all the way from Gujarat(!) to take part in our Real Hack for Housing.

April 25th, 2015 was the D-Day and it started innocuously enough with a few attendees streaming in as early as 8:30 a.m. (who gets up that early on a weekend?!). Rashmi and Harpreet, our own versions of early birds took care of these registrations. But at 9:00 a.m., the dam burst, and a tidal wave of people poured in. It became very difficult to handle but our troops did a fantastic job in holding up the fort.

Around noon, all registrations were completed, and when the dust finally settled, we stepped back and took stock. Since there was no cap on attendance, we knew we would have a big crowd but we had no idea how big, oh just how big, it would get!

With 430 attendees, this was our largest hackathon yet! Yes, you read that right, we had 430 participants. 430 participants split into 106 teams. This was also one of Bangalore’s largest hacks; nay, not just Bangalore’s but India’s.

So what made these 430 brave souls brave the elements and sacrifice their weekend? We may never know, but a good part of the reason can be found here.

The participants were looking for an interesting challenge, and Housing did not disappoint. Participants had to choose a problem (or two or three!) to work on from among three. Here is a brief description (okay not so brief) of the problem statements:

  • Problem 1: You know how it is, when you are an intergalactic explorer looking for interesting planets to explore but there is a lack of coordination between you and your copilot? In this problem, candidates had to imagine themselves in the role of PK, an intergalactic explorer, who is having a difficult time coordinating with his copilot. The lack of coordination stems from the fact that PK is looking at the planets through his intergalactic viewer while his copilot is looking at the same information in his tablet. They are both looking at the same general area but in different directions. The task, for the candidates, was to synchronize both views and also highlight interesting attributes.
  • Problem 2: The roaming PK is now stranded on Earth. He has lost his communication device and is very homesick. The candidates’ task was to find a place on Earth that “appeals to his eccentric taste of food, culture and architecture.”
  • Problem 3: Apparently PK, who was all set to seal the deal on a new piece of land in Bihar that looked like his home planet received a tweet from his friend about an upcoming rocket launch. Excited, he let the deal pass but unfortunately, it turned out that this was bad information. So, of course, here is where the candidates’ expertise comes into the picture. They had to design a mechanism to distinguish false tweets from true ones: an interesting task to say the least!

Once the problem statements were released, candidates got to work. Revved up by the obligatory redbull and pizza, in this standing room only hack, the hackathonees ideated and hacked with great enthusiasm. Once again, Kushagara, our intern, played the part of DJ, enthralling the participants with his music and dance skills.

Promptly on Sunday, at noon, deadlines for submissions passed. The candidates had a slight breather as the day was not over for them yet! It was now time for the presentations. Due to the large number of submissions it was not practical for every team to present. So, judges from Housing went around judging each team on an individual basis shortlisting three teams in each of three categories. These nine teams presented their ideas to the crowd.

Here is a list of the shortlisted teams and links to their projects:

Best Web App:

  • Team 7. This four member team (Gautam Jeyaraman, Divakar Dass, Prem Anand Chandrasekar and Bharanidharan M) worked on the third problem statement. Their solution can be found here.
  • Leadtree. This two person team (Airudha SG and Ashok Kumar P) worked on the second and third problem statements. Here is their solution.
  • Neo. This team of two(Prashanth,  Suseendran)  worked on the first problem statement. They did not have time to present as they had to leave early, and so for those who are interested, take a look here at their solution.

Best Mobile App:

  • BROids.  This four member team (Rajan Vyas , Brijesh Masrani,
    Mahendra Liya, Dawar Dedmari ) came up with an interesting take on the first and second problem statement.
  • Getmyhome. This four member team  (Vinay Kumar, Nitin Raj Gupta,Deepak SV, Bineet Kumar Patel) worked on the second problem statement. Take a look at their work.
  • Vehle. This team of four (Kamaldeep Singh, Kamaldeep Singh Thethi, Nikant Vohra, Sachin Gajraj)  tackled the first problem statement. Here is their solution.

Best Student Team:

  • Phoenix_ASEB. This team (Aniketh Ramesh, Sahaj Ramachandran, Rakshak Hegde) worked on problem statement two.
  • Alfa One. This student team of four (Shamvil Raza, Sahil Narula,  Sauraj Babu, Sarthak Saxena) decided to take on problem statement one. Their solution can be found here.
  • Code Masons. This three person team (Rahul Aswani,  Arun Abinav, Devansh) worked on problem statements one and two. Here is their take.

Once the presentations were completed, the judges retreated into their chambers to decide the winners in each category. Without further ado, here are the winners:

  • Best Web App: Team 7. For their efforts, each member got a Mac Book Pro.
  • Best Mobile App: BROids. Each walked away with an iPhone 6.
  • Best Student Team: Phoenix_ASEB. Each person won an iPad Mini.

Housing shortlisted a total of 48 candidates for further interviews. We wish these candidates all the best with the rest of the interview process! Of course, we do need to give a shout out to the rest of the attendees; without you guys keeping it real (see what I did there?), this Real Hack would not have been as large and as successful as it was!

As you can see, while Housing is disrupting the real estate market, we are disrupting the way people find talent. Want to be part of this adventure? Our upcoming hackathons “Breaking News” and “Payu Appathon” are a perfect way to dazzle everybody with your skills! We also have a wide selection of online challenges to choose from, so go ahead and get cracking!




Disappointed to see that the problem statement 3 was something else and Team 7 solved something else.
Problem statement was to validate a news or story, what they were doing is sentiment analysis.
Its like if I say “I am extremely happy that I am going to open a McD in Bangalore” is positive sentiment but “Fake” news.

As per team 7 webapp they would categorize the above statement to be a true event based on sentiment analysis.
I am sure did not expect this to be solved.


#1 If there are comments on a tweet, then comments should have been analyzed in first place for truthfullness.
#2 If you assume a tweet as a proper english sentence, just using adverbs and adjectives might provide just qualification of a noun, but not the truth.
#3 And finding fake fact without extracting Nouns of a sentence?


I wanted to know, what solution or idea did the best web app winners came up fir problem statement 2. Im really very curious about it.
Thank you 🙂


BROids was a four member team, not three. Would appreciate if this can be corrected 🙂

Bharat Ramakrishna

I’ve corrected in the post! Thanks, Bharat.


This is truly inspiring and challenging…………looking forward to be a part of the next enthralling HACKATHON in PUNE soon….

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