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Top 7 Recruitment Trends In 2017

Not long ago we discussed how the HR and hiring landscape was changing across the nation and the top skills that recruiters are looking for in 2017. This year is going to be a year of revolutionary changes across the industries and we don’t doubt that fact. From ISRO launching 104 satellites at a go to Zuckerberg building a Jarvis, we’ve seen it all. What we are yet to see is the game-changing trends in the recruitment industry. The signs surfacing across the globe are marking the beginning of a new era in hiring.
So fellas, let’s take a quick look at the top 7 recruitment trends of 2017. Shall we?
  • AI for recruiting: Designed to automate parts of the recruitment process, AI is now impacting screening, interviewing and selection processes. Virtual recruiting assistants like Mya are true examples of the disruptive innovation in the corporate recruitment industry.
  • Increase in workplace diversity: A huge chunk of job seekers consider workplace diversity as a prime factor when considering job offers. 2017 is all set to witness hiring strategies to attract diverse candidates.
  • Mobile recruiting: Mobile and app recruiting is gaining ground. Most of the candidates go through a company’s mobile website at least once before applying. Making the application process mobile friendly and new age concepts like WhatsApp/messenger interviews and screenings are changing traditional methods of hiring.
  • Talent rediscovery: Talent rediscovery is the ability to rediscover your previous applicants for the current job openings. The applicant tracking systems are getting more intelligent. With the use of new age workforce analytics, this segment is all set to go big.
  • Employee referrals and social network hiring: It’s a proven fact, employee referrals are swift, liable and cost cutting. It is not even surprising that the referrals are faster to hire. They even stay for a longer term and perform better. The other branches of hiring like social media and third party hiring will continue as before.
  • 3 top roles to look out for: Sales, Operations and Engineering are the three top roles to look out for in 2017. These are the most coveted roles for 2017 and we are not surprised.
  • Data and branding investments are hot on the list: We’ve already told you how data and workforce analytics is turning tables in the recruiting industry. Another interesting revelation that comes out is that 53% of the business leaders would like to spend more on employer branding if money wasn’t a constraint.

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