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Review of Learnups on June 27 – Peer learning sessions for Node.js and Growth Hacking

We were extremely busy on the weekend of June 27th. We had two learnup sessions and a hackathon running simultaneously. Divya, our intern with a penchant for words, brought you the review of the MMX Droidfest.  Here is our review of the learnup sessions.

Node.Js Learnup:

Node Js enthusiasts promptly arrived at 10:00 a.m. Tejaswi took care of the registration process. The learnup got underway with a brief introduction to Venturesity. The mentor for the session JohnyJose, took over for the rest of the session. Johny Jose, the founder and CEO of Playlyfe, an online gamification platform brought his extensive experience in creating and managing web applications to bear on the learnup.

He started off with an introduction to his company and the pain points they are hoping to solve. He then moved to talking basics of Node js. The discussion domain gradually grew. The topic of the session was building a code evaluation engine.

At lunch, the participants interacted with the mentor. They raised queries to which our mentor responded. Post lunch, the discussion was on how to build a hackerrank clone called Hackerlyfe.  This code engine allowed users to check their code against a given problem statement.

This was followed by another question answer round. Due to the numerous queries, Johny has kindly made the code developed during the course of the session on Github. He thanked everyone for participating and making this event a successful one.

Growth hacking:

Growth hacking Learnup saw participation of digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. The agenda was to brainstorm and identify growth hacks that can help the entrepreneurs reach out to potential customers and clients.

Zain Ahmed, Growth strategist at Autocus was facilitating the session. He discussed how companies like Uber, Yelp, Github, Evernote deployed innovative growth strategies. Everyone agreed that a product solving a real problem and achieving a product-market fit are mandatory for rapid growth. Further, growth is then accelerated by strategies like freemium models, incentivizing users to spread awareness, presence on multiple (rather, every possible) platforms etc.

Learners at Growth Hacking Learnup
Learners at Growth Hacking Learnup

After a brief networking plus snacks break, everyone gathered to the action part of Learnup.

Amit talked about his startup IAccept and opened the floor to discuss possible growth strategies. After an intense probing and cross questioning session, participants were able to figure out some ‘experiments’ he can try out to incentivize and onboard potential customers.

Vishnu from ‘Customer Labs’ was the second entrepreneur who opted to rattle the brains of the audience.  The discussion that followed established the fact that following competitors’ marketing strategy might not be the right way, and innovative products need innovative inroads into customers’ minds.

After sharing learning from personal entrepreneurial journeys, the 3 hour session was concluded.

Want to be a part of this learnup? Check out our learnup pages for more details If you want to be a mentor seeking to build your brand, or to give to the community, contact the co-author at


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