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Review of Morgan Stanley Women in Tech Coding Challenge

It’s early in the morning on a Saturday. And what do most of us working people do at such a time? Sleep! But that was NOT what 70+ women coders did on the wee hours of Saturday, August 1st, 2015.

On the day in question, we, in association with Morgan Stanley, held a 6-hour women only codeathon. This invitation only codeathon was for experienced developers, and was held to increase diversity in the workplace.

The venue for the codeathon was ALOFT, a swanky five-star hotel in Sarjapur. We arrived at ALOFT early (8:00 a.m.!) so as to beat the crowd. Akansha, Tejaswi and Satyam took care of the registration process.

At 9:00 a.m., the doors closed, as it were, and the registration process concluded. Kavitha, from Morgan Stanley, introduced the participants to the firm, and why it is a great place to work. Attendees heard testimonies from female developers and their experiences in working at Morgan Stanley, and the office culture. There was even a video testimonial where Morgan Stanley female leaders spoke about their tenure so far at the institution.

Once the testimonials were concluded, the floor was opened to a question and answer session. The Morgan Stanley representatives perhaps got more than they bargained for as they had to field several tough questions from the audience. But they handled them with great aplomb.

After the Q/A session, Akansha introduced the participants to Venturesity, and assisted them in team formation. The team formation process went smoothly as many had registered with teams pre-formed. (This is where our new product came in handy.)

Finally, the moment came that all of us were waiting for: the revelation of problem statements. Participants had to choose a problem statement from among five. Mentors from Morgan Stanley were on hand to answer any questions that the attendees might have had regarding the problem statements.

The dedication of the participants was awe-inspiring! Even though there was a break for lunch, many chose to forgo it; so interested in the problem statement were they. The deadline for the challenge was at 5 p.m., so time was precious.

At 5 p.m., the codeathon concluded and submissions were collected on our platform. Morgan Stanley shortlisted 6 teams for the hour-long presentation session. Here is the list of teams that presented:

  • PowerPuffGirls
  • HeadHonchos
  • WeHackers
  • InnovativeBunch
  • TT4A
  • Deanery’s Dragons

After the presentation, it was time to decide the winners. The Morgan Stanley team had a very hard time since the quality was top notch. But, in the end, there had to be a winner, and without further ado, here is the big reveal:

  • 3rd place went to PowerPuffGals. Bhavana Konchada, Rashmi and Roopa worked on a solution to enable batch processing. For their efforts, they walked away with a hard disk each.
  • 2nd place went to Deanery’s Dragons. Harimedha, Namita and Navyata Gudaraddi analyzed users’ social media interactions to gauge their feelings on a particular topic. In other words, sentiment analysis! They won a Kindle each.
  • 1st place went to Innovative Bunch. Lubna Karody, Sneha Thakur and Sonam Rastogi worked on a project to facilitate options trading. They each won an iPad for their efforts.

Once the winners walked away with the prizes, the codeathon concluded. Morgan Stanley will touch base with all participants throughout the week, so stay tuned. For those who could not make it, don’t worry. We have more hackathons and other challenges in the pipeline. To know more, check out our webpage for more details. We hope to see you guys and gals there!




This was my first Hackathon, and it was pleasure participating along with women out there. Good work Venturesity !!

Bharat Ramakrishna

We are glad you enjoyed it. We have more hacks available, so sign up and participate in other hacks!

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