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Rise of R as an analytics tool

There is no denial that we are at present living in a golden age of big Data. Understanding the benefits of analytics, market leaders are now turning to open source programming language R in order to scale their business.

What is R?

A single letter apparently, but R happens to be the lingua franca for big data analysts. R is a free and open source statistical tool.
To know more about R, read Introduction to R Analytics tool.

Why R?

  • It is easy to do operations on lists and tables of data.
  • R has the ability to use high end statistical algorithms and techniques out of the box with immense ease.
  • R is instrumental in providing analytics on the web.
  • It can be embedded in Excel. To understand how it works, read A million ways to connect R and Excel.
  • A plethora of visualizations/plots/charts can be generated using R
  • Mature community support is available for newbies in R.

Application of R in Data Analytics


  • R helps in analyzing stored data chunk wise. This ultimately leads to parallel analysis, only if the algorithms allow.
  • High performing programming languages like C++ and Java can be integrated. The code chunks that are outsourced from R can be easily covered up under functions. One such package is rJava. C++ and R make up the RCPP package.
  • A new way of dealing with big data is by using alternative interpreters. One of them is pqR (pretty quick R).

Source: R-Bloggers

“The popularity of R is no fluke or fad. R has become the common language of data analysis because it was designed – from the ground up – as a practical system for handling the real-world challenges of complex data sets. R-based programs are applied routinely to solve problems in real-time trading, finance, risk assessment, forecasting, biotechnology, drug development, social networking and more.” – Revolution Analytics Blog

Those who are proficient with R are now the hottest commodity in the job market. The salary scale for R professionals are topping the charts.

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