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A Roundup of all the Kookoo Challenges that Went Down

Since November of last year, Kookoo has kept Venturesity and thousands of professionals from around India on their tippy toes. The cloud telephony specialists have been throwing challenge after challenge. And the series that kicked off in November has ended in late March, after six brilliant challenges. From social media specialists to gaming enthusiasts, women hackers, and product ninjas – the successive competitions offered something for a variety of talent. And each challenge was rendered a massive success thanks to the overwhelming participation.

Here’s a quick recap of the challenges that were set forth and who emerged triumphant at the end of each of them.

Kookoo Mashup Challenge

The first of the series, there was immense pressure on the mashup to be something very special. And special it was! The challenge was to use publicly available APIs (like Twitter, Facebook etc) and mash it up with the Kookoo API to build very real, out-of-the-box products. The online mashup, spread across 2 weeks, saw the participation of more than 200 product builders. And in the end, Yadunandan Batchu and Arun took home INR 10,000 each.

Kookoo Communication Challenge

Just as the first challenge wound down, a new one was propped up by Kookoo. This time around, the hackers had to integrate Kookoo’s API with communications platforms like Slack, WeChat, and WhatsApp. The numbers of participants only increased with this one. And we saw applications come in from 339 professionals. The prizes, however, went to  Sarthak Mahapatra, Parminder Singh Sethi, and Nishchal. All of them walked away with INR 10,000 each.

Kookoo Social Media Challenge

For the third challenge, hackers had to conquer the world of social media. The task to surmount was to integrate Kookoo with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For this one, we received 468 applicants. And after two weeks of intense coding and product building, Shobith Mittal, Raksha R Hegde, and Sarthak Mahapatra were declared the winners of this round. Like previous winners, they too took home INR 10,000 each.

Kookoo Ecommerce Challenge

Next, it was the turn of e-commerce. Participants were invited to build products that helped customers use e-commerce platforms at their convenience. This meant integrating the Kookoo API with the shopping portals and fashioning some inspiring setups. In the first few hours of the challenge, we saw keen interest from hackers around India and in the end we received a whopping 574 applications. After a great battle, Aakash Malhotra, Avrial Dasgupta, and Deepak Goel were crowned winners.

 Kookoo All Women Hack

Running through the month of February, this was a special edition aimed at women hackers. Participants had to form teams, with at least one woman on their side, and had to pitch their own ideas and build their very own products. This was a open hack, you see. Out of the 75 applicant teams, we saw three teams – Geekden, Nrivana, and Kookoo Win – snap up the prizes.

Kookoo Game Hack Challenge

And finally, in March, came the grand finale. Gaming enthusiasts had to rise up and embrace this mega challenge. The task was straightforward enough – Kookoo’s API needed to be integrated with gaming platforms. Over 650 applications came through and the challenge ended on March 27, 2016. The winners of the big finale were Sanchit Kumar, Nilesh Sah, and Sakshi Agarwal who bagged a cool INR 10,000 each.

Congratulations to all the winners!







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