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Who says hackathons are only for the very young??

If you were to ask a person off the street what an average hackathon attendee would look like, the answer would almost invariably be that the participant would be a scruffy looking sleep deprived dude in his early twenties.  But this stereotype would be rudely shattered in the Oracle haC++ that we held in Bangalore this past weekend.


The hackathon was primarily a hiring event for senior C++ developers, and consequently the average age of the attendees was over 30(!). After a stringent filtering process, we had a total of 48 participants with a combined total of over 300 years of experience among them. As has now become the norm in our hackathons, the candidates were compelled to form teams of 3-4 members each. All in all, a total of 14 teams participated.

The atmosphere was a bit more serious than in our other hackfests, but that did not stop the hackathonees from having fun. Subhendu played the part of our resident DJ once again. (Hey Subhendu, any more hackathons, and you might seriously consider a career change!-Author’s note.)

Oracle’s hospitality was top notch with sumptous food and snacks provided throughout the hack.  (If you have attended a hackathon before, you do know the importance of food to keep you going!)  Participants had their fill of caffeine and pizzas, and for those who wanted a more healthy alternative, we made dinner runs.

As the day turned into night, the coders were busy hacking away at the problem statements. For many of them, it had been years since they stayed up all night, but that did not stop the “old folks” showing some of the few young guns in the room how it was done. (Did I say old? I meant experienced! That’s it, let’s go with experienced.)

The deadline for submissions was at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, and when the dust finally settled, 10 teams were still left standing. They were required to demo their solutions to the judges who were much impressed by the quality on display.

Team CrackerJack, which comprised of 4 team members, walked away with top honors. They were also presented with a Kindle each, which was a great surprise and fantastic gesture from Oracle. 11 people got shortlisted after the hack concluded, and Oracle is currently in talks with 10 of them. They are expected to roll out several job offers shortly.


Oracle is looking for more senior C++ developers for their offices in Trivandrum as well, and we will be there to find them more brilliant and experienced hackers. You’d better be sure of that!  Are you as brilliant as these coders? Do you want to join us? Take a look at these further details.

Piqued your interest? If you were not able to make to HaC++ in Bangalore, and are unable to attend the upcoming HaC++ in Trivandrum, don’t worry! We have a lot more challenges and hackathons in the pipeline, and so keep an eye out on our webpage. To get you started, we invite you to register for a Hikeathon which is scheduled for the weekend of March 28th. We hope to see you there.


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