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The Right Skills for That Envy Inducing Salary

Over the decades, India has come to be recognised as a technological hub. And if you are part of this world, you’ll notice that as you climb up the ladder, the salary only gets more lucrative. But what about when you are just starting off and are yet to build a solid career? Of course, at the start, it can’t be all about the money. But setting a goal won’t hurt you either. The key to chasing your dream salary lies in building your skills and not in fancy designations or roles. Here are a few pointers that will get you closer to those dream numbers:

Tech First

Quit playing safe and sticking to technological companies! The idea is to build tech skills rather than doing the tried and tested routine in technological firms. The truth is, technology is everywhere today. If you look, almost every industry out there relies heavily on tech today. From e-commerce to logistics, healthcare, education, entertainments, and even politics.


A great example is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election campaign in 2014. The campaign used technology to the hilt and to his advantage. Holograms 3D technology was, in particular, at the front and centre of the frenzied campaign. News reports have indicated that Modi’s offices roped in a London-based firm to deliver the hologram technology.

PM Modi's successful 2014 campaign.
PM Modi’s successful 2014 campaign.


Imagine the killing they would have made with this? So, make sure that you seek lucrative, tech avenues instead of a tech company when you set out to carve your niche in the industry.

So, What Are The Skills You Need?

Well, there is no doubt that there a few skill sets that are all the rage right now. And will probably rule the roost in the years to come. Skills in Machine Learning, Android Development, Web Development, and iOS Development are highly sought after in today’s market. So, maybe you should think about gaining experience in these.

If we are going into specifics, then, these are the skills you should concentrate on. Java, Python, C, C++, Javascript along with software development is what companies are looking for in your resume. Even a cursory glance at professional networking sites and job portals will reveal that these skills are in high demand. Here’s where these skills will come handy:

Java: Widely used, everything from mobile to supercomputers relies on Java. It is a great development tool and is used in creating application software and also in crafting a cross-platform computing environment.

Python: One of the most dynamic programming languages, Python has been whole-heartedly embraced by the coding community. This is because it helps programmers develop products with lesser lines of code when compared to, say, Java or C. This comes handy when you are delivering large-scale projects.

C: An imperative programming language, C may have been invented more than 40 years ago but is relevant even today. In today’s world, C’s ability to provide frameworks for machine instructions has made it a powerful tool. From embedded systems to operating systems, they all use C for system programming.

C++: Packed with imperative, objected-oriented, and generic features, C++ is key to many aspects of software development. Heavily used in crafting software infrastructure and applications, the language is widely used in desktop apps, servers, and even space probes.

Javascript: One of the core technologies of the web, Javascript is key to web development. A majority of the websites out there use Javascript to build their products. In the recent years, the language has developed to include effective virtual machines and platforms that have made many web applications possible. It is also used for PDF documents, desktop widgets, and site-specific browsers.

Now, it is up to you to go after these skills. Jobs have, over the years, become very specific and leave very little wiggle room. So, your current job may not give you the opportunity to develop expertise in all of these. But that doesn’t mean you give up. There are plenty of online forums and certifications that you can explore. Getting a GitHub profile, for example, gives you an opportunity to gain new skills and learn from your peers from around the world.

These baby steps should help you get started! If you’ve got more winning mantra, do share in the Comments section.





What’s wonderful is that opportunity for those interested in learning a development language has never been greater. Between online programs and local web development grown adults can now literally change careers and land a stable job in under a year. It’s quite remarkable.

Rohit Gupta

We agree John! Opportunities are plenty available these days for the right programmers. Do take a look at our other blogs on job seeker tips and our hack camps.

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