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How To Slay A Data Monster And Other Lessons From The Indix Hack

A sizzling Chennai welcomed the Venturesity on the morning of the April 2 hack. In hindsight, we think that this was just an indicator of the sizzling action that would unfold at the Indix offices. As the three-member Venturesity team set up the registration desk, the data monster slayers, who had prepared themselves for a trying yet exciting challenge, began to arrive at the arena. When registrations wound up, 30 data warriors had come by to take up the challenge!

So, what was the challenge all about, you ask? Well, Indix, an ambitious product information marketplace, was looking for permanent fixes to data problems related to scalability and diversity. Using various tools like text mining, classification, natural language processing, search relevance and the like, Indix wanted software talent, in Chennai, to come up with simple, customised solutions that would ease the way of business.

The 24-hour challenge started off with a breezy presentation from the Indix team that introduced the participants to the vision, mission and the achievements of the thriving company. After this came the ice-breaker session that presented the participants with a brilliant opportunity to get to know each other, interact and, most importantly, gave them a glimpse into who the competition was.

Around noon, the hack kick-started to life and each participant got busy, trying to crack the code and building innovate products and crafting neat solutions. Lunch was served at 2 p.m. and snacks were served periodically, after this, so that energy levels wouldn’t take a hit. At around 9 p.m., a delicious dinner came trooping in and provided the participants with a much-needed break from the challenge.

After a night packed with a lot of coding action, the submissions started to trickle in as dawn broke. The judges took their jobs seriously and went through each presentation with hawk-eyed precision. Finally, three teams got the nod to move to the final round. They were – Pilatus, Applied Data, and Kaizen. After another round of gruelling demos and intense discussions, Pilatus was crowned the winner. The team walked away with brand new iPhones!

On that high note, the Indix hack came to an end. We look forward to hosting many more challenges at Indix and the city of Chennai in the near future.

Till then, stay a slayer!


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