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If your startup is an animal, what would it be?

Unicorns, waterbears, cockroaches … everyone is comparing startups to these animals. A silly thing to do, isn’t it? And besides, I don’t think these comparisons are quite correct. But let’s have some fun this, shall we? What if startups were really animals? What kind of animals would they be? Here is our view:

The Phoenix

Scientific name: Harprognatus exornus(?)


The Phoenix is, as almost everyone knows, a mythological bird that is periodically reborn. Associated with renewal, various analogues of this bird exist in many different cultures.

Startups that have come back from the brink to reinvent themselves are phoenixes. They are not afraid of a little or major pivot!

Prominent examples include Bluegape and InMobi that have come back from the brink of extinction.

The Tiger

Scientific name: Panthera tigris


The tiger is a majestic beast. The largest of the cat species, it is instantly recognizable with a distinctive roar. A regal creature, it carries itself with dignity and pride.

Startups that roar on ahead crushing their competition are tigers.

Examples include Big Basket and Freecharge who are well on their way to becoming unicorns (at the time of the writing.)

The Cat

Scientific name: Felis catus


An ambush predator, this furry carnivorous mammal sneaks up on its prey without giving a hint!

Startups that run on stealth mode are cats!

For obvious reasons, we can’t divulge the names of current stealth mode startups. But Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant started off in stealth mode.

The Peacock

Scientific name: Pavo cristatus


Peafowls are best known for the male member of the species, the peacock. Its display feathers are extravagant and serve to attract mates.

Startups that chill out like the peacock, and have cool lifestyles, can be categorized as peacocks.

The Dog (Canine)

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris


The domestic dog is a loyal, social creature that has a symbiotic relationship with human beings. They perform many functions including hunting, herding and most importantly companionship.

Startups that do a lot of social work are canines.

So exactly what sort of beast is your startup? Tell us in the comment section below:


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