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Students! Add Shine to Your Profile with an Internship at IBM


Want to test out the skill set that you have picked up in college? Then, the IBM Career Challenge is just for you. The IBM University Relations team is bringing college students a brilliant opportunity to expand their horizons and gain hands-on experience that will add plenty of weight to their profile. The interns for the prestigious #IBMinclude programme are going to be selected through a rigorous process and an online challenge is the first step towards snapping up that amazing gig.

The best part about the programme is that, this time around, IBM is throwing open its doors to a wide range of colleges instead of the usual IIT-types. So, what are you waiting for? Click here and get ready to crack the first challenge. The online challenge is an individual one and can be solved from the comfort of your home. Once your initial application process is completed, you will receive the test in your mail. You can take the online test between July 15 and August 7, 2016. What will the test be about? Well, you will have to solve 30 MCQs on data structures and algorithms in an hour. And the minute you send in your submission, you will know your score. When the challenge ends, those at the top of the pack will be invited to join the IBM Hack Camps.

These Hack Camps (and we’ll share more details on them as the days go by,) are tailor made to make you a kickass engineer. Through the course of the camps, you will not just be given the opportunity to improve your knowledge but you will be guided by IBM’s best. Experienced engineers and also leaders from the company will drop in regularly to show how to build a stellar career. This will also prove to be a great networking opportunity for you. Impress the team IBM and you never know what doors open for you in the future!

Also, winners of the mega challenge will also get an all expenses paid trip to Bangalore along with internship offers! So, it doesn’t matter where you are from, ace your online challenge and the IBM hacks and a world of awesomeness will open up just for you!

Sign up for the challenge here.


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