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The Tale of the Scared, Lonely and Sad KooKoo eCommerce Hack

Once upon a time, there was a hack. It was a KooKoo hack. The KooKoo eCommerce hack. The thing about it was that it was very scared. And so lonely too. You know why it was scared and lonely? It was scared because it was afraid that it wouldn’t get many registrations. And it desperately wanted them. You know how you want that chocolate ice-cream?

In the same way, it wanted registrations. Another reason why it wanted a lot of registrations is because its friends had them. But it didn’t stop its wanting there. It was greedy. It wanted submissions as well! Submissions and registrations would make it very happy. But before I tell you more about this poor hack’s story, let me tell you about its friends.

Its friends were nice. In fact, all its friends were its relatives. Who are these relatives, you ask? I’ll tell you. They were the Kookoo Mashup Challenge, the KooKoo Communication Hack and the KooKoo Social Media Challenge.

Altogether they had a lot of registrations with a lot of submissions. I can’t tell you the number of registrations. It’s top secret. Shh!!

Oh? You want to know? Register to this hack, and I’ll tell you.

Oh? You want to know first before you register?

First, you must promise to keep a secret. Promise you won’t tell anyone. Promise?

Can you keep a secret?
Can you keep a secret?


There were over a thousand registrations in total. Yep, that’s right. More than a thousand. Huge number!

That’s why the KooKoo eCommerce hack is scared. Because it was determined to have just as much if not more. You know how, like, when you run a race, you want to beat your friends? In the same way, it wanted to beat its friends.

And if it didn’t beat its friends, it would cry. In fact, it hadn’t gone to sleep for many days. It was so scared. Oh, so scared. Hiding under its blanket scared.

So, friends, please register and take part. Just make the life of a hack happy, please? You don’t want to make a poor hack cry, do you?

Wait. Before you go, there are a couple of more things. In life, you should not just register and take part in things, just because you feel sorry! No. You should do things because it’d be fun! And this KooKoo eCommerce challenge is a fun thing to do. It’s also easy. So easy to do. As easy as pressing 1, 2 and 3 on your phone.

But you need to know a few things first. You need to know how to use the KooKoo API. No, no, now don’t you start getting scared. You are brave, aren’t you?

Be Brave!
Be Brave!

Look, if it makes things easier, let me ask my friend Prateek to create a few examples. To show you how the API works. Let’s wait for him for a bit.

He’s done creating. See? That’s how fast it’s done. And the stuff he’s created is very cool.

Don’t believe me? Well, just turn the page and look. Yes. See how easy it is?

Now you know how to use the API! Yay! And you also know how to build some nice stuff.

What’s that you are asking? Oh. Yes. I know. Knowing how to use the API is easy. But coming up with ideas is more challenging. And that’s the fun part of the whole thing. You remember when you and others painted in art class? Everyone knows how to use the paintbrush, right? But painting cool stuff is, well, the fun part!!

And I don’t want to take away your fun of trying new things out.

But there’s one more thing I need to tell you. You know, many people don’t run a race just for the fun of it. It’s fun running a race. I agree. But it’s also fun to win prizes.

The KooKoo eCommerce challenge knows that. It knows that it’s a lot of fun to win prizes. That’s why, for its registrants and participants, it will give out a total of INR 70 K worth in prizes. Gasp! That’s a lot. But this KooKoo challenge is a very nice hack. And it’s a very generous hack as well. And it’s scared and lonely. So give it company. Hack, participate and win! Just go over here to register. As well as to read its biography.

Want to know more about other scared, lonely and sad hacks? Check out our challenge page for more! That’s right. Give these poor hacks company.


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